I am feeling proud that Penang Island is getting more and more attractions coming in. Let me introduce you one of the latest gallery that all my friends been talking about for the past 1 month which is the new 3D Art Gallery from Made in Penang Interactive Museum.

They just open its door on early November and certainly had make a big hit to the locals, as I have seen my friend already cam-whore with it. In the whole gallery, it pretty much reflect back on local culture and also little past history about Penang.

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We find that the entrance free is pretty reasonable with MyKAD is only RM 15 and now as they are now, they are running promo price at only RM10 (till further notice), travellers/foreigners are price at RM 30 and price list as above.

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Entry ticket can be converted into book mark as they are encouraging to reuse / safe paper issue.

Note: Do keep this ticket as when you are in there, you would be needing it as there are some machines need to read it as part of the sections is interactive.

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If you are too hot, too lazy and need a place to chill, they have this makan area for you with local snacks available.

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 Before you head into the ticketing counter, you get to snap pictures with some of the 3-D art already.

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 Hard labour at work during Francis Light Era. . 😀

made in Penang (6)

 Old classic pull trishaw. .

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This is one of the most famous painting that I have seen gone viral last month is coffee break with our very own Cheif Minister – Lim Guan Eng. . Right after this, we head into the actual gallery.

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Here is the floor plan of it and where you are heading. Upon entering, you will first get to see all the little art creation that resembles on our Malaysian culture. .

made in Penang (8)


made in Penang (10)

 King of Fruit durian . .

made in Penang (11)

A minature mockup of old dock during Francis Light era whereby Penang is also know as one of the main trading dock in the Straights of Melacca back in the 1800.

made in Penang (12)

made in Penang (13)

Right after that, we head to interactive part, as there is where the ticket code comes in handy.

made in Penang (14)

Place your face near to the machine, and you will automatically being put on a mask . .

made in Penang (15)

made in Penang (16)

As we head upstairs, there is the main photo session all keen to take, as there more than 20 painting for you to play with.

made in Penang (17)

made in Penang (18)

made in Penang (19)

made in Penang (20)

made in Penang (21)

made in Penang (22)

made in Penang (23)

made in Penang (24)

made in Penang (26)

made in Penang (27)

made in Penang (28)

made in Penang (29)

 this is the best drawings of all.. Spiderman to safe us! hahahah ..

made in Penang (30)

made in Penang (31)

 This action is you die & I die. . he decided to let go . .

made in Penang (32)

made in Penang (34)

made in Penang (35)

 Got Eaten by Alien . .

made in Penang (36)

 Penang famous Char Koey Teow with Big Prawns.

made in Penang (37)

made in Penang (38)

made in Penang (39)

made in Penang (40)

made in Penang (41)

Another side where you can play with the entry ticket as the ticket needed to be place onto your palm then head near to the censor and jeng jeng  jeng .. .

made in Penang (42)

you got a 3-D santa pop up to greet you with its moving .. .

made in Penang (43)


Right before you exit, you will be heading out thru a mini theater whereby you can decide to stay and watch or not. Its impressive that how they make the whole 3-D effect on the movie telling a story how all races come together and also with little history of Penang, worth to spend your time on.

Little did we know, we spend about 2 hours and 30 minutes in here . .

Set back: the paintings all are too near and if its too crowded and people are unconsiderate, its hard for you to take all the pictures. Best not to be there during peak season or be there the earliest.

Made In Penang Interactive Museum
3 Weld Quay
10300 George Town, Penang
Phone: 04 262 6119

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  1. Not bad leh this place. Quite nice I felt.
    I felt its much better than the one I went at i-City lar….

    • admin Reply

      hehe.. funny rite.. yap, its on the floor, then tilt the pictures after that . .:D

  2. eh looks good. I like the one where 3 of the girls come out of the painting with hair down, and you two guys standing behind like ghosts.. oooo

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