I guess I am a little late to discover this place – 61 Monarchy is actually a hidden speakseasy Whisky Bar at Damansara Uptown. I dare to say that this place is actually a no.1 whisky bar to be as they have the most whisky in PJ.

61 Monarchy (1)

Actually, to locate this place, it is not hard as you need to find a particular shop only. As you walk up the stairs you will be greeted with a guarded dog.

61 Monarchy (2)

61 Monarchy (3)

As you slide open the sliding door, you will be greeted with a very cozy cabana area, that is chill enough for a hang out spot.

61 Monarchy (4)

As you open another layer of door, you are entering into the aircon zone, where alot of rattan chairs like a big old classic living room mansion

61 Monarchy (5)

61 Monarchy (6)

61 Monarchy (7)

As I reach the bar area, I am mezmerize by the selection of whisky that they are offering. There are so many whisky that I have not seen before.

61 Monarchy (8)

61 Monarchy (9)

61 Monarchy (10)

As I always love to seat at the bar to observe what does the mixologist does and also slowly look through on the selections that they have. The menu is crazy as you will be spoilt with choices as the menu is like a mini novel.

When you are seated, you are given with a warm hand towel to clean up.- well that’s new to me for such service in a whisky joint.

61 Monarchy (11)

For whisky explorer like me, their classic offerings is known as The Flight. It means 4 different types of whiksy tasting base on your taste bud selection profile. For that night, I told them i would love something smokey and strong, this is what I got recommended – Laphroaig. Triple wood and Chuan are my favourite as I have strong heavy punch of flavour. Oaky and smokey.

61 Monarchy (12)

61 Monarchy (13)

some other exotic whisky that I have not seen before is Glendronach – 15 years and Bruichladdich Iley Barley 2009. Both indeed have very interesting profile.

61 Monarchy (14)

61 Monarchy (15)

In order not to spoil your tasting glass, you will be given drips of water to add on in order to open up some of the flavour of whisky.

Tip no.1 – drink a small sip of whisky to taste on the actual flavour.

Tip no.2 – drop 3-5 drops of water to open up the whisky and aroma of it as it will bring more flavour and less strong taste.

61 Monarchy (17)

As for now, I certainly know where I need to head to before flying off to another country. To check out what kind if whisky I should buy back at duty free airport.

61 Monarchy (19)

The shop that you need to located this whisky bar is look for Nara – which is in between Good Batch and TM. Head up the small staircase to level 1. It is not hidden as compare to other speakeasy bars.

Happy Exploring their whisky as if I were to come every day to try 1 bottle each day, it will take me 1 year and 3 months to complete it. Imagine that.

61 Monarchy
Whisky Bar
Jalan SS21/1A,
47400 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +6 03 7733 2303
[email protected]


Opening Hours:
Closed on Sundays.
Mon – Sat: 5pm – 2am


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