SS 2 is one of my lunch area but little did I know that there is actually a nice restaurant that sits in this quiet neighbourhood (I mean the stretch of Kayu Nasi Kandar). A’Perfetto is a Italian-Japanese restaurant that serve modern cuisine or you can say modern fusion food.

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A restaurant that sits in this neighbourhood with such ambiance is consider posh for me.

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Food and price in the menu consider pretty reasonable.

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The super main catch that makes me coming back for more is their special in house promotion. Buy a mains and you get a glass of wine and best of all is FREE FLOW all night long. (yap, with just 1 MAIN and you get it)

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Mushroom Soup is pretty good. Not too thick nor too watery as its cook just nice and top with olive oil. Rich enough to my liking that serve with two slices of garlic bread.

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For easy bites to go along with their wine is Golden Mozzarella Cheese Puff with Spicy Mayonnaise sauce. Puff is bake to perfection where is crispy and crunchy and cheese add on the salty taste with little burst flavour from ebiko and spicy mayo enhance the end taste of it.

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This is one of my favourite, Wagyu Beef Hako Zushi is a great twist of combination modern food. In the sushi they add in ebiko that gives bites that creates a little burst in it and wagyu is add on to enhance the flavours of it.

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Their pizza is kinda unique where its super thin crust as its more like a tortilla-base. Japanese inspired version pizza where it is filled with smoked duck breast, quail eggs, avocado paste & truffle oil @ RM29

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Scallop Risotto with Crab @ RM 35. Lovely dish as it is cook very different as compare to those I had, this is more soft and it is definately very filling. Best to advise to share. Love it as the taste have sweet hint of seafood from the broth that they cook with and a mild hint of mushroom.

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Another simple yet nicely done by them is Wagyu Beef Hako Zushi With Truffle Sauce. Beef is cook medium well to suits many peoples taste bud a simple rice dish pack with flavours.  

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Naughty Duck – duck leg confit with potato tempura and flavorful herb sauce. @ RM 30

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Fried Ice Cream for dessert. 

Been here couple of times for their mains and free flow wine. A great place to hang out with friends. 

*Pork Free

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , One of my fav place with free flow wine. Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

A’Perfetto @ Chow Yang
22 Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating Hours: 11am-10pm

Tel: 03-7865-5139

Coordinates: 3.115639, 101.616688

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  1. woah.. buy 1 main and free flow wine all night long? how do they sustain? lol.

    whats the max u had in 1 sitting before?

    • hahaha no idea. However they can as they been operating like near a year already.

      I had nearly 1 bottle myself which is about 5 glass before i am half gone. . 😀

  2. Terrible service from waiter and female boss. Not surprised for the lack of patrons.

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