Ishin (8)

I love how the taste of the appetizer is served in cold, with the taufu is very soft with the seasoning of the Japanese soy sauce is very good that turns not to be very salty ended up steal another one from Kean.

Ishin (9)

‘Agedashi Tofu’ @ RM 12

Toufu is fried thinly on the edge of skin to make it a bit crisp, shower with hot shoyu top with ebiko taste mild that suits to my liking.

Ishin (10)

‘Gyoza’ @ RM 12

Something similar like the Chinese version except they do not dip along with ginger vineger as I find the different of the Chinese and Japanese version are not much different is just that Japanese version rich in garlic flavor, lightly flavor with salt and served soy based season with rice vinegar.

Ishin (11)

‘Chawan Mushi’ @ RM 3

Steam till the egg very smooth and soft, as I love it added with a bit of soy sauce and chili powder. Yummy.

Ishin (24)

‘Shimaji Atm Shio’ @ RM 38

Very fresh fish head been season with salt and deep fried, the meat is soft yet salty and love to dip it with soy sauce to eat along.

Ishin (16)

‘Shisamo’ @ RM15

Many people would love to eat this as in the fish stomach is filled with egg roe.

Ishin (12)

‘Chef Special’ @ RM168

We were told by the waiter on that day that they sashimi on that day is very fresh as it just arrived in the morning. Then do not know how to order we leave it for the chef to settle it.

Ishin (13)

The whole sashimi is well decorated and kinda impressive.

Ishin (14)

It is served with fresh sea-urchin. . . .

Ishin (15)

tuna, scallop, salmon and others, and it is the most fresh sashimi that I have come accross in a Japanese restaurant. Most of the pieces are soft, juicy with fresh flavour, by dipping it along with wasabi is perfect. We were all very satisfied end enjoying ourselves with the sashimi, although it had dig a hole in our pocket, however it is worth it.

Ishin (17)

Most of us order their set lunch, but nothing much to shout about. It served along with fruits, miso soup and rice.

Ishin (18)

‘Beef Shogayaki Set’ @ RM 22

Ishin (19)

‘Beef Teppanyaki Set’ @ RM 19

Ishin (20)

This is set lunch special from chef as Kenji do not know what to order and leave it for the chef to decide.

Ishin (21)

‘Unagi Set’ @ RM 22

Ishin (22)

Chirashi set @ RM 22

Ishin (23)

‘Ebi Cheese Yaki Set’ @ RM 19

Ishin (25)

For a Japanese food, this restaurant would consider above average because of the fresh ingredient served on that day, if you are looking for fresh sashimi to go after, it is advisable to go on Tuesday and Friday, this is where the fresh ingredient just got stock up, total damage for the lunch was RM671 after 10%. If you are a fan of them in FB, you are entitle for the 10%.

Of course to an old guy, Happy Birthday ah Mal.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, quite good ah~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ishin Japanese Dining
202, Persiaran Klang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Klang Lama 58000, KL

Tel: 03 – 7980 8228

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    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah lei..when got served..i was like cannot wait to lick the sashimi..:p

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah loh, if my friend dind show us..i thought its bangalow

  1. chirashi set is usually mix sashimi on top of sushi rice, that looks like a mix teppanyaki.

    ishin can be really good or just average, its almost like having to see what side of the bed the chef wakes up from, glad ur experience went well!

    • Taufulou Reply

      ahhh..thanks for the info..then i misplace the name of it already..:D

      its good on the sashimi..set lunch just not bad~

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah lu…all of us were impress how the chef cucuk on the fish~ 😀

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