I have been doing some research over past 3 months and landed this unit Cordless Airbot iClean PRO during 11.11 for around RM 780 including free shipping. See quite number of good review from Singaporean youtuber as the product memang from there la. Here is my simple Airbot iclean pro review and unboxing.

I was contemplating should I get this or get Robot Mop. I ended up got this because of budget. To spend RM 800 for a vacumm and mop do takes me think quite a while. is it worth it or remain classic.

Airbot iClean PRO unboxing

Product Specifications:

Weight | 3.9 KG Power | 150W Suction power | 15000Pa Charging Voltage | 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz Clean water tank | 700mL Dirty water tank | 550mL Battery | 2600mAh Operating time | 20-25mins Charging time | 3-4 Hrs Sound level | 75-80dB Package size | 700 x 300 x 250 mm

Safety Mark, SIRIM

you can purchase it as below: Airbot Vacumm : https://bit.ly/AirbotVacummMop

Airbot vacumm reviewProduct unboxing comes :

1 x Main vacuum body

1 x Handle stick

1 x LED display screen

1 x Clean water tank

1 x Dirty water tank

1 x HEPA filter

1 x Floor fluffy roller brush

1 x Battery

1 x Charing, storage, cleaning base

1 x Small cleaning brush

1 x Charging adapter ( 3Pin Plug)

1 x User manual

Airbot iClean PRO cleaner DSCF2525The stand is the charging station.
Airbot iClean PRO review Airbot iClean PRO singaporeWith its docking and standing straght up is not bad. 
DSCF2541 DSCF2546This is a very direct usage of 2in1 airbot mop. On off and Eco Mode. below the handle is manual release of water onto the floor
DSCF2557After cleaning my house for 20 mins here is the results. 1vacumm all the dust and hair into the bottle. Dislike dust and hair all mix together that makes it quite disgusting for me. 

Personal behavior, I do not like dust, hair to mix with water in one go. Been practicing separate stuff. However would this be the new behavior for me?

If i were to use alot energy to do this, I would personally think that Robot Mop would work best for me since I already have 1 XiaoMi Robot Cleaner and I am totally happy over this unit. or perhaps get a robot that does 2 in 1 with 2 seperate tank. HOwever to expensive and not relevant as it cost about RM 1,500 – RM 3,500 for a smart unit
Airbot iClean PRO indonesia

Overall, my personal opinion is depends on your personal cleaning behavior. Do you want to spend RM 800-RM 900 for this? If the answer is yes then you start to explore.

you can purchase it as below: Airbot Vacumm : https://bit.ly/AirbotVacummMop


1. it is doing 2 in 1. Vacumm and mop at the same time.

2. It seems clean on my floor.

3. Convenience as anytime plug off and just vacumm and mop

4. self cleaning (one of main function that I purchase)

5. separation of clean water and dirty water tank


1. per full charge usage is about 25 mins – 30 mins only (if your house is big might have to do 2 times)

2. per full charging 1-2 hours

3. do not like vacumm and water in 1 tank. looks gross and manual cleaning needed.

4. I personally thin it is abit heavy.

5. noisy.


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