If you are a regular person in Pavilion then I am sure you would not miss this as The Eatertainment Group do have a few outlets around the area such as one of the famous Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine on the 6th Floor, follow by a cool hangout spot at level 3 – Circus and Al-Amar Express are Fareinheit 88. Not only that, as they do provide catering services too. . .

Stepping back to the restaurant again, we started off at Al-Amar Express for the night as we were being introduce on their new menu for both Al-Amar Express and Circus.

[Update 2015 – Circus had close down]

al amar (1)

al amar (2)

As for this outlet, they have slightly expended their kitchen and bar as over the years, the demand for both category had increase. AS brunch had become a big hit over the years, now they also do serve for breakfast and serves a wide array of Lebanese pastries offering diners an alternative to the usual western or continental options. Prices start from RM 8 – RM 25 per dish. In our new tasting menu, it consists of a combination of Lebanese wraps, healthy sandwiches, chawarmas, salads and Manakeesh (Lebanese pizzas).

al amar (3)

al amar (4)

sandwich of lamb and beetroot, drizzled with mustard and special sauce.

al amar (7)

al amar (5)

Cucumber cylinder. Something very simple yet you can continue consuming.

al amar (6)

One of their famous signature is Hommos. Among so many I have tried, I still like this the best.

al amar (8)

Lebanese wraps here are pretty good too, as its erve warm, and generous in ingredients.

al amar (9)

When comes to cocktail, everyone have their own preference either on stronger alcohol taste or more mild. I love it to be well balance and we are pretty impress that they flavour here is well balance. You wont know till you consume on the 3rd or the 4th glass then the kick will start to hit you.

Mojito @ RM26 – A classic cocktail made of Rum, soda water, brown sugar, mint leaves and lime wedges. Alcohol is not too strong, yet the fragrance of mint did overpower it. Did notice that this can be very lethal if consume without care.

Classic Margarita @ RM24 -Classic Margarita is filled with mixture of tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice. Presentation of the drink is nice and unique. Love the well balance taste of it that does not make you smirk on your face with overdose of alcohol as many places does. Well balance of lime juice in it.

Something new to me is this Caipirinha @ RM24  which is similar to Mojito on a more mild version yet its one of a very refreshing drink. Worth to try.

al amar (10)

This is what happen to Jean when alcohol took over. . 😀

I would certainly pay a visit to Al-Amar Express as they are offering hearty breakfast Buffet at RM25++.

They also recently launched its “Let’s Meet Up” campaign to establish the venue’s suitability for people to get together on any occasions, at any time of the day, that’s how their new cocktail series come about.

Al-Amar Express
G44, Ground level, Fahrenheit Mall,
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur,

GPS Coordinates: N3 08 47 E101 42 39

Tel: +603 2141 3814

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AlAmarLebaneseCuisine

Website: http://al-amar.com/express.html

al amar (11)

 Next venue, we head back to Circus which this place is very well known to many people as its constantly full house.

al amar (12)

 Love the ambiance of the place with its stylish interior yet glamour that makes it a cool hang out spot for many people.

al amar (13)

al amar (14)

al amar (15)

al amar (16)

al amar (17)

al amar (18)

al amar (19)

 This is my usual spot for my friends meet up too . . 😀 Love the high table and chairs as I always do.

al amar (20)

Circus offers International cuisine at its most delectable with an all en-compassing menu. Their new menu for food and cocktails, consist of hand-crafted gourmet pizzas, signature comfort food with prices from RM22-RM58. Circus also offers interesting promotional packages like Sunday Hangover Brunch, Executive Lunch, Happiest Hour with a drinks from RM8 and Double Bottle promotions making Circus the ideal place to host any kind of celebration. Here are the foods we had that night.

al amar (21)

al amar (22)

 From the first round, we had alot of drinks and beers at Al-Amar express and now follow with MOET champagne to pair with the rest of our food.

al amar (23)

If you are undecided yet you would want to try some mixed flavours, you can opt for  Mixed Fajitas  as it serve with beef and chicken fajitas served guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

al amar (24)

 If you having drinks with friends, then this would be a good option too, as it pairs well with its sauce.

al amar (25)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls is a vegetable filled rice paper rolls served with a delicious sesame dip.

al amar (26)

 Not really too used with Vegetarian version as I often had the perception that it must serve with prawns. Its not bad as the sauce is alittle sourish garlic that pairs well with it.

al amar (27)

Another dish which is new to me is Nicoise Salad which is is a traditional salad from French. It served with quail eggs and fresh tuna.

al amar (28)

One of a recommended dish would be this Beef Platter as, as soon as this plate is placed, the smell and aroma of it is so tempting that makes you ready to dive into it. – recommended!

al amar (29)

 With the side sauce prepared by them, that pretty well known for the taste of it.

al amar (30)

 and serve warm with pita bread that makes it a great combination.

al amar (31)

 Then that’s how you eat it, as you grab a slice of it the mix the rest of the ingredient and top with the sauce and roll it.

al amar (32)

With Joseph and Esther whom some one I have not met for quite a while .. Great to see them back again.

al amar (33)

 Then we do something which is unusual with our lights.

al amar (34)

Next up is  Sarawak Laksa 

al amar (35)

As according to them, they have finally found a good laksa paste from there and bring it over. Till date, I have yet taste the authentic ones at Sarawak and those who are from there, they find it pretty good just that a little bit on the salty end. Worth to give it a try.

al amar (36)

Something premium that make it traditional with local taste is this Angus Rendang  is a black angus beef simmered in coconut milk and curry served with white rice. Beef been well marinated till its soft, and juicy yet the rendang flavour is mild and light spicy end that serve with some fragrant rice.
al amar (37)
One of my favorite for the night is this Truffle Alfredo came with tagliatelle, alfredo sauce, crispy beef bacon, permesan and truffle oil.  Its creamy enough that the cream is all well coated onto the tagliatelle and you would not be overdoze by it. – REcommended

al amar (38)

Another unique dish for the night is this  Steamed Sea Bass which I would say is quite a Chinese dish. Steamed Sea Bass is served on a bed of glass noodles with soy sauce. Love the fragrant of the soy sauce and definately the fish is fresh as the meat texture is smooth and easy to cut. A dish with its simple presentation yet look quite appetizing.

al amar (39)

After the whole serving, I order one of my favourite drink in Circus which is known as Strawberry Mint Jelup as its made with just 4 simple ingredient –  mint leaf, bourbon, sugar, and water. AS this they have add on with strawberry. Not too strong yet its very chilling and great cup of cocktail to have when having a conversation.

*both Al-Amar Express & Circus are Pork-Free

Pavilon Lvl 3 – Opp Coffee Bean.

Tel: 03 2141 6151

Opening times: Sun-Thu, 10am-2am; Fri-Sat, 10am-3am

Website: http://www.circus.com.my/


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