Sometimes for guys, it is quite hard to find a nice comfortable every day shorts. It is hard to find a pair that you get a nice cutting but only to wear it for specific occasions, could not be your all in one pants. Is there any shorts/pants which is kinda like all in one? What if there’s one that is all in one? There is one actually, but again depending on your fashion style. Thousand Miles is one of the new start up that offers you all-in-one shorts depending on your fashion style. Personally, I’d say this suits me pretty well.

Thousand Miles (1)

Not only it is comfy, it is perfect for sports person too where the shorts is made like kinda dry fit concept. So, this is light, airy, easy to iron unlike our normal traditional shorts and perfect for travels too as it is pack-able into a rather small size and does not take up a lot of space.

As for this, I got a pair of this shorts in their website Duo Pack that comes with Urban Grey and Midnight Blue.

Do note that I am standing at :
height : 185cm
weight: 90 kg
average size for my jeans/pants : 34 -35 inch (some cutting like Zara/ H&M is 36 inch)
– The size I got for my pants is SIZE L

Thousand Miles (2)

Love the Urban Grey colour as it easily fits with my colour of t-short/shirts that I have. Wore the shorts out over the weekend and find it very comfortable, and light. Both front pockets were quite deep to fit both my handphone and wallet as usual. The shorts lenghts are about 2-4 inches away from my knee.

Thousand Miles (3)

Thousand Miles (4)

A little side view of both front pocket and back pocket.

Thousand Miles (5)

Thousand Miles (6)

both back pocket comes with a zip.

As I was eating in the restaurant and got some water drops onto the pants. To my suprise it dries up pretty quick.

Thousand Miles (7)

Thousand Miles (8)

On the front side, it comes with adjustable string, just in case you buy pretty big size? An instant tick button for support. What I like the most is, both the sizes are with flexi rubber. So I do not have to worry on unbuttoning my shorts after heavy meal.

Thousand Miles (9)

Thousand Miles (10)

Thousand Miles (11)

Both  my pants.

Thousand Miles (12)

A sample of me folding it up and my parquet tiles is about 15cm x 15 cm per piece. It definitely can go smaller and flatter too, if you have master a few folding methods.

Can actually be packed into the right pocket like this.

Thousand Miles (13)

I have pull and stretch it maximum and it seems can stretch about easily 1 inch per side.

Thousand Miles (14)

Thousand Miles (17)

Not only your common casual shorts, it is also perfect for sports too. If you are into hiking or jogging, it is a perfect 1 indeed. Dry up pretty fast.

Thousand Miles (18)

Thousand Miles (15)

Thousand Miles (16)

Thousand Miles (19)

If you want to check out the casual pants short sizes, it is in their website (click here)

More info at:



  1. Hello, may I ask where I can get your price @RM118 for duo? Thanks in advance.

    • Do you know what the difference is between these and the Eubi shorts that look identical? Mum worries about being scammed for shorts that loads of companies are buying and branding as their own

  2. Hi Taufulou,

    I think there’s another similar startup in malaysia with similar kind of shorts, would you know their name? I had been getting their IG ads but not lately 🙂

    • at first I also thought that they are Dropshipped. I went to their office to collect my goods. An office with a team pax.

      Over last month, the founder is my sister’s friend, into other clothing business too.

  3. Can you tell me your waist measurement? I’m trying to decide what size to order. My waist measures exactly 34 inches, and I usually wear size 32 pants.

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