One of the places that I often heard alot which is this Andes BYO Pork Burger that located in Aman Suria, and finally, me and my friend decided to pay a visit as actually we were on the way back from Penang and since its on the way then just drop by. There are alot of bloggers are talking about this place and makes me wonder how good is the pork burger actually.

Well, its not so hard to find it actually which its located the same row as Betty’s Midwest Kitchen/ Kayu Nasi Kandar as its on the other side of it only.

Andes (1)

Ample of parking space you can find around the area, as it is a bit more quiet on this side. Therefore you do not have to worry that much even if it rains, that its just a few steps away from the nearest shop lot.

Andes (2)

On Sunday night, this place is a bit quiet as there are a few tables occupied.

Andes (3)

Love the setting of the outlet as its a bit more towards old English interior with red brick wall, old wooden tables and chairs.

Andes (4)

Food price in Andes BYO Pork Burger seems to be very reasonable and I am so keen on their pork range available.

Andes (5)

So what we order is this Porky Pork Grill @ RM 17.90. Looks like it had been perfectly grill with their own marinated sauce and turns out to be juicy and taste perfectly good. My friend is enjoying every bite of his pork. By dipping with the gravy along is very individual preference, either you find it spoil the taste or makes it better. For me, I prefer just to dine it original . .:)

Andes (6)

Aussie Bacon Burger Wrap @ RM15.90 is their signature pork burger and when I was serve in front of me, I am a bit surprise to see the thick and round the patty is is being serve. Smells good as their signature burger being serve along with bacon, coleslaw and fries.

Andes (7)

The patty is good, that able to maintain its juiciness of it and after cutting it, I can just see the cheeze oozing out from the patty. Indeed it was home made by the size and well mince that I get to enjoy mouthful bites from it and the problem for me is a bit hard to grab hold and need to open my mouth to the widest to get full bite of it. 😀

Pretty good for a pork burger being serve in this area, to make another visit back to this place, I would not hesitate as the price are very reasonable. One of the set back that I read from other bloggers that the QC in here are not consistent. Thank god that I had this meal in pretty good taste!

If you are hunting for Pork Dishes around PJ area, certainly would be one of the shop to look out for.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, ~ pretty good, wont mind recommending! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Andes BYO Pork Burger
Address: (Same row as Cha Cha Pan Mee)
K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Aman Suria,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Phone: Andy – 0122200530
Other Phone: 03- 78083292

Business Hour:
Monday to Friday :12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to 10pm

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  1. I just been there tonight and I’m disappointed with the pork burger, call it inconsistency or just old pork, zero seasoning, or maybe a new chef – it was a huge let down from a year ago when I went there. The pork burger had an overpowering porky taste, (I’m usually alright with pork having a porky taste – it’s pork after all) but this time it’s almost nauseating porky, most likely due to zero seasoning and the pork isn’t fresh. Yes, it was still juicy (the cheese in the patty did the trick) and meaty but the taste isn’t there this time.

    The BBQ ribs smells as good as I remembered it – the BBQ glazed aroma was strong on the ribs, and for a moment there I thought it was going to be good, but alas, the ribs was dry and slightly chewy.

    We order the ‘balls of fire’ as starter – it’s mince pork balls mixed with bird eye’s chilli – again the overwhelming porky taste totally mask the spiciness of the chillies.

    The side orders as usual was tired looking and bland, my sister suspects that the mash potatoes is made from those instant powdered mash potato as there wasn’t much of a potato taste and it’s a little on the plasticky side.

    The only good dish for the night was the daddy dry chilli pork – roasted pork fried with chilli spices – very flavorsome.

    Overall, this visit was a huge huge disappointment for us, a year ago this place would be a 4/5, for this visit I would rate it 1.5/5

    • admin Reply

      aww…y all places their food of quality dropping ah . .. haihz

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