Last event of GUINNESS  we  flocked over to Sepang International Circuit for Arthur’s Day to catch one of a key performing that I am looking forward for, with 3 international band flew in to rock us on the Arthur’s Day stage. On that night, thousands of fans strummed the air-guitar, rocked their heads and roared out singing to their favourite songs, all throughout the 5 hours of pure live music performances by; Five For Fighting, The All American Rejects and The Wanted. Not forgetting our local artists; Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob and Prema Yin who warmed up the Arthur’s Day stage!

Arthurs day (1)

Upon arrival, GUINNESS® fans were brought through a journey through time of all things GUINNESS® through the build up at the GUINNESS® wall. The area is huge as upon entering the main entrance, we still need to walk about 200-300m inside.

Arthurs day (2)

Arthurs day (3)

Arthurs day (4)

If you find that outside is too warm for you then you can head into Arthur’s Lounge that is filled with powerful aircon and you can order your favorite Guinness in here.

Arthurs day (5)

 Drink Sensibly . .

Right after this tent, we are one foot on the concert area, the huge Arthur’s Day stage could already be sighted from a far. We can even hear fans screaming to their favourite artist and I make a pit stop at this drinking place as I bump into my friend.

Arthurs day (6)

Arthurs day (7)

Arthurs day (8)


Arthurs day (9)

The Arthur’s Day stage, constructed from two stages, joined in the centre and spanning 150ft across, was an architectural marvel. Together with pints of freshly brewed GUINNESS®, GUINNESS® fans soaked in the lights, the sound and the atmosphere of people coming together for a global celebration.

Arthurs day (10)

Right after a few drinks with my friend, then I slowly stroll into Media area to meet the rest of the group.

Arthurs day (11)

Arthurs day (12)

When this group came out, every one scream to their lungs out, singing and rocking together as The All American Rejects is rocking everyone off their feet with their powerful performance.

Arthurs day (13)

Arthurs day (14)

Arthurs day (15)

 This is what I mean, fans screaming, singing and rocking together!

Arthurs day (16)

Tyson Ritter from The All American Rejects is such a cool guy that I am really impress with for the night.

Arthurs day (17)

Arthurs day (18)

Arthurs day (19)

Arthurs day (20)

Arthurs day (21)

 Of course by singing one of his great track “Dirty Little Secret”

Arthurs day (22)

Then of course the usual suspect will be there, Chris Tock the upcoming celebrity as you can see his appear in alot of social media events with his gf Jingy.

Arthurs day (23)

 of course my party rock buddy Ben . . .

Arthurs day (24)

With last act coming up, the crowd suddenly have a big swap as now its more young crowd had came in.

Arthurs day (25)

Of course they are looking for their boys, The Wanted!

Arthurs day (26)

Arthurs day (27)

Arthurs day (28)

The night end with a big bang when they sang “Chasing the Sun” and every one went back happy and of course we went back the latest as not to miss out their fireworks!

Arthurs day (30)

its another great event for year 2013 and looking forward for next year one already.


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