Asahi Super Dry All Star tour already been starting their tour for a while and this round, it brings us to Chyna Black, which is located inside the Pool. As for this round, they have DJ Faith along with Mr.Nasty and Guru Guru for the night to spin their track. .

asahi (1)

asahi (2)

asahi (3)

asahi (4)

asahi (5)

 For the night, we enjoyed our Asahi drink..

asahi (6)

of course it makes it even better when the duo is up on the deck spinning. .

asahi (7)

 The usual suspect which is Ryan, Ben and Anna

asahi (8)

Then saw my good friend Seon at the event too with her Korean friend. 🙂

Next finale Asahi all star will end with a big bang that known as Club Asahi Moscow.


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