I am happy that finally another decent eatery had just establish in Hartamas. Bai Wei Cuisine Restaurant (百味濃) bring had assemble variety of cuisine from different provinces in China, such as the classic dishes from Hainan, Teochew and more. This outlet is quite similiar to my personal favourite Tang Pin Kitchen at SS2 and their quality is pretty consistent over my past 3 random visits.

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This outlet is situated at the same stretch of Old Town White Coffee, and parking here is not as bad as the other side.

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Menu is quite straight forward too.

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Signature Hainan Tea (招牌海南茶) @ RM3.80 is a must order in this outlet as it is not your usual teh tarik however it is the Hainanese version that you got a 3 layer kind of tea that top with froth top. Not too sweet as the tea flavour is just right.

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There are a few item which is my usual order.

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If I come with a group of friends, Fried Dumpling (锅贴) @ RM 7 will be one of my order. Something simple that pan fried to perfection. Crips outside and ingredeint that need to stuff with ginger and vineger to my liking

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Bai Wei Trio Platter (百味三宝) is good for sharing. @ RM10.00. serve with 3 types of fish paste stuffed in crispy bean curd sheet with different types of preparation.

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For breakfast, one of my personal favourite is their Toast Bread (烘面包) @ RM2.50. It is a classic toast that stuff with a big slice of butter. Crispy and fragrant for a simple breakfast tthat I could ask for.

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Handmade Fish Paste @ RM 7. For my noodle, this will be my side dish to go with.

Bai Wei Cuisine (11)

For something unique which is not in your daily order would be this awesome Fried Fish Noodles and Chee Cheong Fun (炒鱼面猪肠粉) @ RM8.50.  A combination of koey teow and fish noodle that fried to perfection. Filled with “wok hei” as the fish noodle is chewy fragrant.

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This is my all time favourite where you could not miss. My usual order is this Signature Noodle, Mee Pok @ RM 7.50  Noodle that topped with mince meat and park lard, serve with a side of fish cake slices. I would top at least 2 source plate of chilli to get a little of spiciness and saltiness in it.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南鸡饭) @ RM 8. First time trying this and to my suprise, it is quite good. Generous amount of chicken meat and rice is fragrant.

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Golden Homeland Noodles (黄金家乡面) @ RM8.50

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Fried Porridge (绝味炒粥 – 两人份) @ RM13.00 (Serves two). I could not finish a bowl myself and indeed it had to be a sharing portion. Like the fragrant of it and those who love strong taste, this is indeed a perfect bowl for you.

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For a meal which is not very heavy in flavor yet very comforting, Celery Noodles (芹菜面) will be the best option as it is serve with clear soup and noodle is hand roll by the chef with a mixture of fresh celery in there. As you pull up the noodle, you can see dots of little greens in it. Those of you do not like celery taste, you might not like it.  @ RM8

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Refreshing Double Boil Winter Melon @ RM 4.50

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There are variety of Chinese desserts where they are freshly prepared in house.
Barley Fu Chuk Gingko (Hot) (白果腐竹薏米) @ RM4.50
Ginger Tea + Soy Milk (Hot) (姜茶豆奶) @ RM4.50
Signature Tau Fu Fah with White, Brown or Almond Sugar (Cold) (招牌豆腐花) @ RM4.50

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Taufufah in Almond sauce is my recommended choice. Try it as I am not almond fan but this is good!

百味濃 Bai Wei Cuisine
38G, Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-2389 3701

Facebook: www.facebook.com/baiweicuisine.srihartamas

Business Hours: 8am – 10pm daily


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