I have read alot bloggers or my friend mention that we should go to Balik Pulau for laksa. I cannot even remember when was the last time I head there for meals. All I know that Balik Pulau Best Laksa do have cheap meals which is like 30-40% cheaper than normal hawker food available in Penang, there is certainly one of the destination to head for.

It was until few weeks ago, decided to head there again to visit the small little town located at another side of Penang.

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When we reach,I just got to know that the market is under upgrading work and the laksa stall have move to the corner kopitiam which purely sell only laksa that located right at the T-junction if you are coming from Paya Terubong direction.

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Looking at their stalls, with some advertisement, they had been feature food guide and newspaper.

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Like any other laksa, the stalls is fill with lots of noodle, and other ingredient to be added in.

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Its hard for you to find table in the shop, as there are many people that purposely came by for this Laksa only.

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One of the signature drink you must try in this coffee shop is that ‘Fresh Nutmeg Juice with Asam’. I used to hate anything related to nutmeg as I dislike the smell and taste of it. Slowly I learn to drink and overcome hate of this drink.

Well, this drink is very refreshing, fresh and its pure whereby I think they used at least 3-4 nutmeg to blend in it. It was a hot day and this drink was a thirst quencher, that this drink is also good for health. I had 2 cups anyway. . 🙂 Recommended!

You can do take away for the fresh nutmeg juice, which is very pure blended and need to be add on with some water. cost RM4 & RM 8 if not mistaken.

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In this stall we order 2 version of its laksa, One is ‘Siam Laksa’ which is a bit more creamy or lemak as they added in coconut milk into it and I one of the catch in this the noodle, which is soooo smooth and a bit chewy.

laksa (7)

Next is the normal ‘Asam Laksa’ that I like about it is, the fish are smash into very tiny pieces then every mouth you drink on the soup, you sip along with the fish. I prefer this version rather than clear soup with big piece of fish added on top.

Among those 2… I prefer Siam  Laksa as not many places can cook very nice siam laksa, as the normal laksa, I had better ones. For me, I would recommend their Siam Laksa if you do come so far. . .

More details of the shop and history you can read in this blog: mywisewife.com

Public transport access:

no.502 from Komtar Bus Terminal

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, very good on their siam laksa~ Recommended! ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Balik Pulau best Laksa at Nan Guang Coffee Shop
(next to former Balik Pulau Market)
Jalan Balik Pulau,
Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia

Business hours: 12:30pm – 3:30pm (Close on Wednesday)

Come earlier on weekends to avoid disappointment

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  1. mmmm….. the lemak laksa is delicious!!!! Everyone needs to try. Big bowl is only for RM3.50.Small bowl is RM3.00.

  2. just went today by bus401E from Jetty , costs rm4 to Balik Pulau bus station. Found the laksa shop quite easily about 100m from bus depot. well worth the trip because I haven’t been to Balik Pulau for edges. There are some scenic coastal view along the way. The journey took more than an hour bus ride was comfortable. I took the Teluk Bahang bus back from Balik Pulau, changed to bus101 to Georgetown. So it was a fun round the Island trip if you got time to kill To and Fro took me 5 hours.

    • Taufulou Reply

      wow! you really take till to the extend for a 5 hour trip haa…

      glad that you enjoy~

      • We went to try out Kim Laksa at Nan Guang just recently. After taking it, found out it was only so-so. As we walked over another Asam Laksa store opposite old pasar at Balik Pulau called “LAKSA BALIK PULAU” then realised this Laksa was really really tasted good and authentic with fragrance still left behind in your mouth tasting all the herbs that used for cooking that bowl of delicious Asam Laksa. The best is this Lasa Shop was on business for 68 years and run by 3 generations now….. The next time people asked for best Laksa, should try “Laksa Balik Pulau opposite OLD PASAR first. 🙂


        • Take bus no.502 from Komtar Bus Terminal instead of 401E to Balik Pulau. It only cost RM2 per trip and it is faster. Take less than 1 hour to reach. 🙂

        • admin Reply

          ahhh, that’s something new.. will go try where you recommend~

          thanks for the info eh~

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