bangkok trip part 1 (16)

After we check in we dump all our bags and head down to the walking streets in front of our hotel that filled with lots of street food and I am excited. From stall to stalls just buying and eating.

bangkok trip part 1 (18)

Reach this first stall that sells pork that slowly cook in the oven that the sauce its dripping non stop, and quickly took out my money and buy a pack which is 3 sticks for 20bhat.

bangkok trip part 1 (17)

This is one fine piece of well season caramelize pork that its hot, juicy, soft and tender meat in between and the fats is just nice, not too thick.

bangkok trip part 1 (19)

Next is the Thailand version of Yong Tau foo that have standard 5 condiments in front of the stalls with sugar, vinegar, fish oil, chili powder and the other 1 don know what. Taste not bad with a mix of a bowl that cost 25 bhat.

bangkok trip part 1 (21)

Next stall that sells on pork, with a few versions and sausages by bbq’ing it. No comment on this.

bangkok trip part 1 (22)

As there is another sinfully tasty good Pork or the best pork on the streets is next to this stall, as I didnt manage to take that picture because it was raining super heavy. 🙁

bangkok trip part 1 (23)

Before it rains, we still manage to walk a bit. . . Public transportation in Bangkok inside city center is very convinient as most of the train station pass thru all the main landmarks and it is calculated by how many stations you go. They have BTS Sky Train and also MRT, besides this 2 options, you can opt to take Taxi or Tut tut which is a famous version of short distance transportation. Becarefull as most of them find that we are foreigners, they will try to rip us off. Just ask a few tutt tut on the destination you want to go, then you will know what is the market price.

Best option besides train, take Taxi as their rate is very reasonable.

You can click here for the BTS Sky Train Map

bangkok trip part 1 (24)

that we were all very happy that directly infront of our hotel there is alot of street food, snacks bar and restaurant available.

bangkok trip part 1 (25)

As it start to rain, we just randomly went into this store and try out.

bangkok trip part 1 (26)

Seafood fried rice which been fried fragrantly and eat along like that is just fine.

bangkok trip part 1 (27)

Then my order came with Phad Thai which i wont miss it, want to try the best of it. Its a little sweet, and their koey teow noodle is definitely different more towards a bit like our Ipoh version but much thinner.

bangkok trip part 1 (28)

I forgot wat is the name of this, pork something, tasted so so only.

bangkok trip part 1 (29)

As we were stuck in the heavy rain, we quickly ran a few shops that located directly infront of our hotel and try out another store while waiting for another group of friends to arrive. This store attracted me because of the way how the lady fried the dish and also how they display all their ingredients that tempted me.

bangkok trip part 1 (30)

all fresh ingredient and the guy was friendly too, they speak little English but enough to understand me. 😀

bangkok trip part 1 (31)

Of course when you are in Thailand how can you miss out Tomyam seafood with pork. As I am writting this back, I drool again as this is by far one of the best tomyam I come accross with the right balance of spicy and sourness as the more you drink and eat, the more spicy it gets on your tongue, which I always prefer it like that. The more I eat the more challenging it become, till half way thru, 3 of us already drench in sweat and tears also dripping.

bangkok trip part 1 (32)

Went to ta pau some drinks below our hotel as there is a little cafe and also tried the Thai Iced Tea which is super sweet, our Teh Tarik normal version x 3 times sweetness. *faints as some more I ordered 2.

bangkok trip part 1 (33)

After we were already full in stomach I some more go tabao this snacks and corn for around 25bhat each. This snack with its skins very crispy and one of the catch is the more you eat you will find that the white cream thingy is very sweet and overpower the taste of coconut.

bangkok trip part 1 (34)

After eating the Tomyom we find that we just cant camp there for the next 2 hours, and we ran to the station half drench and it was towards off office hours and all the train station gonna be jam pack with people. Then we head to the nearest mall which is 1 station away which is Sala Daeng.


bangkok trip part 1 (36)

Then saw this place in the mall with homemade gelato and decided to give it a try.


bangkok trip part 1 (35)

Front to back: Cranberries cheeze, Chocolate mint and Chocolate Banana. Chocolatemint turn out to be the best among 3 and price is quite cheap for a scoop of gelato at 30 bhat if not mistaken.

bangkok trip part 1 (37)

Before we went into the mall, we pass by this shop and saw alot people queuing up then we decided to come back after a short walk inside the mall as do not want to stand under the rain. Our decision was right, as we were back here and it was very much less people.

This Kopitiam is name as Chuan Savoey

bangkok trip part 1 (38)

What attracted us to come back for this stall even though we were super full with all the food we had just now is because alot people lining up and there were feature in newspaper too. As this is Thai version of Wan Tan Mee n best of all its about pork being served.

bangkok trip part 1 (39)

Its more like a kopitiam style with very limited of space in it, that mostly you need to share tables with other ppl as 3 of us cramp a table and share with another couple.

bangkok trip part 1 (40)

Next to the Wan Tan Mee stall, sells this don know what dish it is called and lots of pork hanging in it.

bangkok trip part 1 (41)

bangkok trip part 1 (42)

 and what makes it unique is this gravy.

bangkok trip part 1 (44)

bangkok trip part 1 (45)

Here comes our Thailand version of  Wan Tan Mee, and it seriously looks pale, if you eat it like that its lack of taste, then we were stun for a while and observed what other people do. Then only realise that the condiments on the table are for us to add on, again we were stun for a while what is being offered, saw a guy add 4 spoons of sugar, 2 spoons of chili powder, then vinegar and our jaw drop! 4 spoons of SUGAR? wah lau . .  we finish half bowl then only tried out their version. Turns out not bad, sweet and sour in taste then add on chili powder for the spiciness.

One catch is we realize after finish the meal is that, most of the people in the cafe ordered soup version.

bangkok trip part 1 (46)

Then comes on our full pork dish with mixture what is available in that store. The gravy that makes it stand out, taste a bit salty sour and to us its new in taste. Worth a try.

We quickly finish our meal and left because the people coming in are piling up and the Auntie in this store can be quite lansi, what to do, good business people is like that eh.


Located directly below Sala Daeng BTS SKY train service – in between the 2 exits that head to the mall.

bangkok trip part 1 (47)

After eating non stop, we head back to our station and head back to hotel to clean up and wait for the rest to arrive . . . and besides that, Bangkok is famous for its traffic too. Super Jam!

bangkok trip part 1 (48)

bangkok trip part 1 (20)

As night proceeds, there are more stalls coming in with a bit different compare to the ones in the afternoon. As I was already freaking full with all the snacks, I had to skip this as we are heading to China Town for dinner with my Thailand Friend.

bangkok trip part 1 (49)

Next post will be food in China Town and best club in town that famous with local crowds.

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  1. nice! now you make me wanna go bangkok also.. been there back in 1997, when i was still a kid.. haha.. but cannot remember anything also..

    the room looks so nice.. so did ya play safe? 😛

  2. I miss bkk so much after read ur post.

    Hehehe.. I am one of your friend who checked in to bkk before u went. :p The room you stayed was really nice and comfortable.

  3. you’re friend’s name is Golf- how cute! The place looks smashing. I used to stay at some condo’s in Chong Nongsi. Just outside was some fab streetfood. had to walk at least 20min to the nearest BTS but that was OK la.. part of the fun. Coming back with all the shopping was tiring tho! LOL

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