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Bangkok Trip Day 2 Part 4: Ootoya Japanese Restaurant @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

by Taufulou

ootoya (6)

Miso Salad is something that looks very green, infact that it is not so green after you mix the dressing in. The miso dressing is just perfect that is not too salty or too overpower the taste of cripsy little anchovies.

ootoya (7)

Curry Udon, as this is the first time I tested the texture of udon which is so smooth, cook to perfection and only realise that, this is how actual udon taste like. Smooth and soft, and the curry that cook along is a bit thick which just match the texture of what I usually eat last time and sweet curry flavor is there.

ootoya (8)

Tofu & Kimchi soup with Pork @ 260 Bhat, at first glance, it doesnt look good as once we get to taste on it, its different and turn out to be good, quite sourish spicy and just perfect to go along with rice. Pork slices were cut thinly and just cook nicely.

ootoya (9)

Niku Ramen

ootoya (10)

ootoya (11)

Grill fish, as we do not know why, this just taste better as it is a bit salty, and grill to perfection that the meat is still soft and its very fresh.

ootoya (12)

Charbroiled hamburg steak

ootoya (13)

Among all the dish, this is one of the best dish or I would say, a MUST ORDER that the charbroil steak which I felt more like a homemade style as the look of the steak is not even and its been mash. It was cook to perfection that inside is very soft and drench with gravy n lots of onion is just hard to be miss. This plate was gone within seconds when I finish cutting.

ootoya (14)

Chicken Katsu, fried till cripsy on outside and add with their own homemade sauce.

ootoya (15)

another unique dish is this raw egg add on top of the steam rice, turns out to be good if you stir it well.

ootoya (16)


ootoya (17)

ootoya (18)

All were busy eating  and I would define this is one of the place to look for a simple Japanese food, service might be a bit slow, as it is full house.

Do apologize that, I have lost the receipt, therefore food name and pricing might not be accurate~


Siam Paragon (GF – Food Hall),
991 Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330

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