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Then we guys are very hungry after walking at the old wing, as we were walking to the new wing, in between the buildings with their mini round a bout, we saw an ally with many people walking in, we also walked in and found many street food in this little ally.

Our look are like have not eaten for 3 days, and start buying food like crazy. Then I saw a little shop direct from the ally with many people lining up, I also went to queue. In there were too dark to take picture so I ended up did not take. Its a local noodle stall, and they do not know how to speak english at all, pure siam. Luckily one, cute girl standing infront of me, know how to speak she helps me to translate and order.

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This is how the noodle looks like, with mixture of pork meat and chicken. This is one of the best noodle that we come across, with its a bit sweet salty soup base and we find that given a pack of chili powder must be a reason, then we pour the whole pack in. It was a bomb that taste so much better, and we have to squad down in a little ally and eat on top of this bench. Its highly recommended if you do come to Platinum Mall. I think it cost 40 bhat.

Remark: the stall only do take away! 

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Then we come across Roti Canai Thailand version, which is more on sweeten side, but its definitely cripsy to eat while its hot, added some raisins and banana with condense milk on top.

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As you walk further in, there are some little stalls too . . .

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BBq pork Thai Style.

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As we walk back from Platinum Mall heading to Central World, was around 5pm onwards, then suddenly the side street is bombard with alot of side hawker center which most of the hawker do look like they served good food, with similarity selling roast chicken and grill fish that stuff with sambal.

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We plan to have a quick snacks here but then Goft already arrange our dinner plans.

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As right next to the exit of Central World, there is a famous shrine for people to wish for love, good health, prosperity in business or any general wish you want that are famous among the locals. Goft warn us that, becarefull on what we wish specifically for, as you MUST remember it as when it come true, you have to return the favor of your promises and you must do it.

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All this are collected from donations from public.

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If you do not feel like going to dine inside the mall, the whole walkway is filled with small little hawker that you can just eat and walk along the streets and again its raining. 🙁



All girls and women, that they come to Bangkok, they will never miss out this shop, Naraya which is locally made and design in Thailand and its very famous among all international travelers and local. When I was in there, I can tell you that all girls went beserk , a as some with 2 full basket to pay at the counter, where by it makes the whole boutique look that if you are in there, you do not grab anything you are left out. As a guy I can say that, the design is nice, simple and classic, price wise is CHEAP!


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After do some small little hunting in Central World we walked 5 minutes to Siam Paragon which is just next to it, or if you plan to come direct, you can get off at Siam Station.

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We head back to this mall for dinner and one thing I regretted did not took picture is the cinema area that they have 4-D cinema that includes  Hollywood movies with special effects such as wind, water, smells, fog and motion intertwined with 3D effects, in this special cinema which what I called a real 4-D cinema. Not with a smell card as what we have.

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It was raining outside, as we are stuck in here, whereby the original plan is to head apposite street for the night market walk. As we are stuck so went to check out the food court and Goft introduce us a Gelato stall that we must try out which is locally made.

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The brand is called i-berry Homemade. This brand was originally started by 2 siblings back to 1999 in a small little stall as their brand grow thru word of mouth.

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Iberry only choose the finest ingredient to make their ice cream.

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Price wise is very reasonable. .

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 They also have some selection of cakes too . .

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They have from sweet section to

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Fruits Section

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Goft told us to try on their waffle too so we hantam all nearly the whole range available. Puffy Cream Strawberry @ 179 bhat which is famous among the girls with its puffiness of waffle and fresh almond, strawberry, banana added on and just perfect.

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Like something sour, certainly Pop Mango Passion would be your choice. First bite into my mouth, I just smirk on the sourness of passion fruit yet Steven love it. Add on with Black Sesame Ice cream which is not too strong in sesame taste that comes to my liking. @ 145 bhat

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Day Dreaming Waffle (if i am not mistaken) which slant towards more on chocolate flavour, shower with chocolate fudge, brownie, banana and chocolate ice cream is what ah Tatt like on this. @ 179 bhat

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Banoffee Truffle with apple sorbet and banana & cheeze and the ice cream was gone first, its very smooth and not too sweet.@ 145 bhat

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Banoffee Truffle @ 145 bhat

One thing I like about this homemade ice cream which is a great brand that Goft recommend, not too sweet, smooth in texture that makes it simple and nice, fruity flavour is there which is not artificial in taste and other range its just like eating real ingredient.

More info can check on their cuteeee website: iberryhomemade.com

If you are looking for more shopping mall, you can check it out here for Bangkok top 10 shopping Malls (click here)

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