On my previous entry I blog on another hotel we stayed in White Palace Hotel and head to famous weekend Chatuchak market. . .(click here). In our Bangkok Trip I keep mentioning our driver, and now please let me introduce you our driver which I have been talking about. . .

day 4 (1)

He do not really know how to speak or listen English but my friend Tatt can still talk to him by using alot body and sign language, its funny to see how both of them talk and best of all, this guy understand . .

day 4 (2)

A very clean and cosy car that his car also won a few awards that he send into competition for the street car exhibition. He is only available during the weekend, as he tour people around as extra income on weekend. Usually he is fully book by the locals and if you would like to engage him, best is to find some one that can speak Thai to him. If you were to call him directly, you will be finding it hard to communicate.

day 4 (3)

Coming to Bangkok besides girls doing heavy shopping or shop till drop, it would never be perfect if you do not do their Massage. Its a combination not complete if you step into Bangkok whereby for us massage is a must which is what they are famous for. Thai Massage. Goft introduce this place to us Urban Retreat which is very well know to many international tourist for their good service and massage.

I asked Goft ‘ Weiii..y so high class, not the normal shop that on the streets?’ she answered she just wan us to enjoy the best and its more well trained, those on the road site later break your bone then you know. We all just laughed~

And of course the best you have to pay different pricing. Those little shop on the streets can go as cheap as RM30 or 300 bhat for 2 hours massage, as this place is more upclass and the pricing would be double form those little shop. We choose our package ‘Thai Massage with Herbal Ball’ cost us 900 Bhat = RM 90 which the pricing is quite similar to Malaysia already. (for more pricing on packages click here)

day 4 (4)

When you went in, you will be greeted by their friendly staff at the reception and its extremly full on that day. Luckily Goft help us do booking and we saw alot of walking in customer were turn away because its full house for whole day.

day 4 (5)

all of us reach this place were already very tired and indeed a massage is a MUST now! Nancy just cant wait to hit into the room and enjoy the massage as you see her look . .  half dead~ keke

day 4 (6)

We were first brought to this place to wash our feet clean . .

day 4 (8)

please ignore my hairy legs. .

day 4 (7)

Then the masseur will lead you to respective room and for couples do not worry, they have lots of couple room or room in pair ..

day 4 (9)

So for this round me and Steven will be in the same room . .

day 4 (10)

and we have to change into their outfit.. Thai Style . .:D. I was very tired and doze off while they were doing massage for me and of course not fully asleep and I just love how they twist and turn on my body after the whole massage I felt so loose and light now. Energetic back and ready to hunt for more food!

No wonder Goft wanted to bring us here, a recommended Massage place if you do visit Bangkok.

They have 3 location in total and all are located easy acess of public transportation.

If I am not mistaken – this outlet is the location of BTS Phrom Phong


BTS Phrom Phong Branch: +66(0)2204 1042-3

Phrom Chai Branch: +66(0)2204 2008-9

Asoke Branch: +66(0)2229 4701-3

For all location of the 3 outlet (click here)

day 4 (11)

After that head back to hotel area to change and do some street walk ..  Our Hotel is White Palace Bangkok (to view click here). Conveniently right outside our hotel there are alot of things to see and buy as it hit about 6pm it will be night market which we do not have a chance to pay a visit cuz we are in hectic schedule . .

day 4 (13)

Taking a short stroll along the streets to look for transport to head to Paragon to meet Goft for dinner. .

day 4 (12)

One thing that Tatt cant stand is he keep bugging me to take the picture of the heavy wiring located on top of the pole. .  he said that this is so outdate that most of these cable wire are under ground and not still put up there. Its very dangerous ..

day 4 (14)

Pic #1

day 4 (15)

Pic #2

day 4 (16)

Pic #3

day 4 (17)

The biggest shirt I have come accross is only XXXL. .  and for the first time we seen 20 XL and this is how big the shirt is. So in Bangkok if you are very big in size, this area have what to offer you . . I think this shirt can fit 6 of us perfectly. .

day 4 (18)

Our hotel is just down the street then you can see Baiyoke Hotel which is another nice hotel that my friend recommend to stay.

day 4 (19)

In Bangkok, the most famous mode of short distance transportation is called Tuk Tuk a mini bike with 3 wheels that can fit max 4 small size person in it . .

day 4 (20)

Tuk Tuk that attracted many tourist to ride on it but actually there is not much difference comparing you taking Taxi. If you would like to experience it, its good to try out . .

But just beware that these Tuk Tuk know that you are foreigners or tourist they will try to rip you apart on the fare. Some are very ridiculous especially those Tuk Tuk around this area. We board on the transport and they insist us to visit a few tourist destination spot as told us its on the way, and we look on to our map its heading different way and we told them where got in the way, the place we want to go turn left, and you want to turn right!!! no no no.. please take us to the place we want to go. .  Yet they still insist we should visit the place and we ask how much is the fare he mention a ridiculous price. We said don wan can drop us some where and he just drop us right on the spot and went off . . .

So just beware on those Tuk Tuk  . . .as some places are quite okay like those in China Town. . .

day 4 (21)

Pic #4

day 4 (22)

Pic #5

day 4 (23)

Pic #6

day 4 (24)

Pic #7

day 4 (25)

Pic #8

day 4 (26)

Pic #9

day 4 (27)

so we end up taking taxi there and taxi fare is quite cheap. So from experience now we know that taking taxi is better ..

day 4 (28)

Pic #10

day 4 (29)

Pic #11

day 4 (30)

and this round Tatt bugging me to take on the pillar of those highway..like spider..



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