Much of a chill person and great to meet up with all my university/ collage friends last Raya, our gathering took place is one of the latest spot in Penang which is Basement 6. Located in the heritage area which is behind Northam Hotel or two blocks away from Green House that makes this place pretty prominent to many youngsters.

basement 6 (1)

Kept with much surprise for first timer that pays a visit to this place, its being divided into three sections.

basement 6 (2)

First section which is the foyer area where most of the young people decided to be seated here as they do have background music of the live band happening inside and quite a pretty cozy area to chill.

basement 6 (3)

Upon entering the outlet, you will be greeted with warm lighting and a 8 seater bar and a smiley bartender.

basement 6 (4)

basement 6 (5)

As I head to the back, you will walk across their dining area .. .

basement 6 (7)

basement 6 (8)

basement 6 (10)

and to the main area where I like, whole area which is in quite dim lighting that have live singing at the front and this 2 young girl do impress me on their voice.

basement 6 (11)

A great place to hang out for a casual night.


56, Chow Thye Road, George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 


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  1. Yea, not a bad place for hang out but the foods were horrible. We were there for brunch, had Egg Ben, entirely overcooked!

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