The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner where this is also my first time to join Berbuka Puasa at The Living Room, Westin KL. This year 2017, Living Room is bringing food towards your door step as they have arranged magnificent selection that featuring 14 different states cuisines of Malaysia, and also to pamper you further with cuisines from around the world – showcasing and serving up traditional Malaysian dishes, complemented by modern International dishes and enhanced with live cooking stations.

The Westin (2)

The Westin (3)

The Westin (4)

As you walked in, this area that features a huge selection of Malay cuisine in a huge wok is the place you would want to attack first.

The Westin (5)

Break-fast with a huge selection of appetizers, delightful mains and delectable desserts with more than 50 appealing dishes laid out on the buffet aisle. Rice and hot dishes are the center of all Ramadan buffet spreads. Diners are spoilt with the savory highlights – Ayam Bakar Percik Sri Kelantan (Slow Roasted Chicken with Coconut Lemongrass Sauce), Ikan Patin Assam Tempoyak (Silver Catfish with Spicy Tumeric Coconut), signature Westin Biryani (Rice Briyani with “Mamak” Omelette and Braised Spice Pineapple Cucumber Sesame Seed) with Roasted Whole Lamb with Mint Sauce and Lamb Jus and many more! The star dish of the night would be the specially curated Nasi Kandar Utara Mai with choices of Keting Kambing Kandar, Daging Kandar, Ayam Kandar dan Sos Hitam (Lamb, Chicken and Beef Cooked in Indian Spices). Not forgetting the final sweet touch of fine dates, assorted traditional Malay kuih and modern palatable desserts.

The Westin (6)

This is the street section where they have all the classic items for you at Pasar Ramadan such as Ramlee Burger, Roti John for you to pamper on your cravings.

The Westin (7)

This are my favourite selection area as most of the flavour here gives you a big punch in your taste bud. Do go along with rice.

The Westin (8)

In this wok selection, there are two items that extremly stood out that I went 2 rounds which is the Sambal Prawn Petai (where I am not a big fan of Petai) but this is just so good. Lala with clear soup is another item that you would want to get a bowl yourself.

The Westin (9)

The Westin (10)

Right next to the wok area is all these classic condiments from around Malaysia.

The Westin (11)

The Westin (12)

classic popiah and lok lok for you to hunt for

The Westin (13)

this is the western section. Pick any of the noodle or rissoto then add on the ingredients yourself at the sides then pass to the chef on duty to cook it for you.

The Westin (14)

The Westin (15)

The Westin (16)

The Westin (17)

This is also my another favourite station that I drank 3 bowls of this awesomely soup. Sup Ekor that is filled with variety mixture of spare parts, soup is pack with flavours to my liking and take a roti bengali or plain bread to dip it along is perfect!

The Westin (18)

Char Koey Teow section turns out to be better than my expectation.

The Westin (19)

Their signature is lamb briyani.

The Westin (20)

On the far left is Nasi Kandar with all your curry mix, noodle mixture and dim sum

The Westin (21)

After you have done with all your mains, then head to their dessert room where it is located on the left side of the hall.

The Westin (22)

Some mexicam wraps for you to consider.

The Westin (23)

Goreng pisang, cucur udang and some other items for you to pick at your leisure.

The Westin (24)

The Westin (25)

The Westin (26)

Exotic local fruits for your cravings fix such as Mangosteen and longan

The Westin (27)

The Westin (28)

Their yogurt machine is powerd by Fruz

The Westin (29)

Other desserts to hunt for is their durian dessert is good. well balance and not too overpowering.

The Westin (30)

International pan cook area.

The Westin (31)

Here you go on the soup ekor~

The Westin (32)

Interesting enough as they have kangkung with cuttle fish which is quite a unique taste by itself if were to compare to Penang.

Price: RM158nett per person

Period: 29 May to 23 June, 2017



  • SPG and Beyond Dining members are entitled to 20% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only
  • Major bank cardholders are entitled to 20% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only
  • Children 4 years and below dine for free
  • Children aged 5 to 12 years receive 50% off

199, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

General booking Phone: +60 3-2731 8333


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