I did read a few people blog about this place before and I have forgotten on it until my friend brought me there to eat. This mini hawker that makes its mark on its own with the neighborhood is located at the edge of Cao Cao Lamb BBQ Kuchai Lama and Old Klang road that operates from 7pm to finish.


Many stalls to go after as most of them have their own business.

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If you are in this hawker center, one of the food that you MUST NOT miss which is the Cao Cao BBQ Lamb. A Family business that operates along with grandmother and son taking care of the business and you can expect to wait long enough of you go during dinner time.

Most people say them are quite lansi but what I get to know from other people saying that they just do for pass time and for fun.

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Few slabs of lamb being placed on the hot charcoal bbq pit, grilling it slowly after long marination process.

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Every time I go there, I would just eat 2 pieces myself as 1 piece cost RM9, it can be a bit pricy but the quality and taste is there. Grilled to perfection with bbq lining is visible on the meat, its soft and juicy, very aromatic of the lamb and marination taste. Recommended!

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I also order Prawn Mee as the soup base colour do looks good. RM5

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In KL not many places you can find not bad Prawn Mee with the taste of the soup have strong flavour of prawn shells. Soup base which is quite simliar to Penang, add on chili and its a bit spicy that comes to my liking. No complain on this.

cau (6)

When I walked pass Fried Koey Teow, the smell of it definately makes me want to order! RM5

cau (10)

Then came out of the look not bad, but the taste is abit dry and tasteless. We add in soy sauce to bring up a bit taste of it.

cau (9)

Roasted Chicken Wings, is very common nothing to brag about.

Overall, what I feel is the lamb and prawn mee is good to order, and the rest definately will be back to try more. I also have been told by my friend next to this mini hawker center, the Cantonese Stall offers variety of fried stuff and its pretty good. I’ll definately be back~

nearby Junction of Jalan Kuchai Lama and Old Klang Road.

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  1. waaaaaahhhh looks damn yummmyyy bok!! 😀 😀 the atmosphere oso like pasar malam. long time since i last went to pasar malam hehe

  2. The Prawn mee and chicken wings look DAMN NICE cannnn!!! I AM HUNGRY!! Next time can tapao for me ar? 😛 hehe!

    • Taufulou Reply

      hehehe… can can..next time you fly back that time.. ta pau for you..:D

  3. The BBQ lamb really look good, make me drooling now in front of the computer screen. Wah you really can eat a lot ah!

  4. Ooh, I’m in Malaysia again next week and cannot WAIT to eat more food 🙂 Love Malaysian food, it’s almost as good as Thai food (sorry 🙂

    BTW, great photos on your blog!!!

    • Taufulou Reply

      ahhh..glad that you like malaysian food.. I also love thai food. . . 😀

      welcome to malaysia and enjoy your stay ya. .. ^_^

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