Best Charcoal Char Koey Teow at night is at this New Lane Hawker Center in Penang. I have stumble this stall randomly during Covid period and recently thanks to my friend for reminding me this stall. I would say Best  Penang Charcoal Char Koey Teow at night is at New Lane Penang. 

You would not miss this stall as its one of the stall that consistently having long queue even rain.

This stall had been operating for more than 40 years. There are 2 wok frying at one go which is also a training on the go for his son. of course taste fried out there will be slight different as same recipe but charcoal fire is a beast by its own. 

Loved the chared koay teow being fry as that is certainly the wok hei effect. Fried nicely, aromatic, slight dry to my liking and of course I put Duck egg onto it. Of course depends on your luck too as at time its awesome and 20%-30% off the grid. Consistency is still not at its best. Recommended plate of Koey Teow for night version.

Is this the best char koey teow in Penang? I would say for night version 80% YES!


New Lane Hawker center

Lorong Baru, 10450

George Town

Operating hours: 5pm till 11pm

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