Bucket list. How many of you out there have a long list of bucket list? Well, I do. With a long list of at least a page or two for the next 5 years is indeed a lot to be looked into. However, nearly most of it involves travel. Who doesn’t love to travel where we get to see a lot of scenic places and always envious whenever your friend posts a great travel picture up on Instagram or Facebook. Of course, there are tons of apps out there for you to hunt for the best bargain till I recently found Traveloka App, one of the leading flight & hotel booking platform in Southeast Asia.

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There are 2 ways to go around it. First is by logging into their website to check them out when you are sitting in front of your desktop or with current mobile habits, it is best to just download their app – Traveloka which is available in both Google Play Store and App Store, not to mention that I am impressed with the list of official airlines partners that they have at their homepage.


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When we do travel, we always look for the best bargains for both hotels and flights to save cost. There are a few reasons to book with them because not only do they give you the convenience of comparison with other websites, Traveloka also gives you the best price with no hidden cost. As compared to other websites, where the rates shown often seem like the best price, however, at the final click, the price shown is usually much different with the addition of GST, taxes, handling fee, etc.


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In keeping with current mobile phone habits, the most convenient for me is to check through their app. On the first page of the app after downloading, the main page will be a greeting and steps where you just click continue. Till the end, you will reach the main page where you are able to see two categories. One is hotel and another is flight. They have a location service where you are able to activate your current GPS and it will locate all the hotels near you. If you search further, they have tons of hotels within Southeast Asia for you to hunt for just by keying in the country that you are visiting in Asia.


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For instance, I tapped Bali and there are 411 hotels cited in the app. To ensure that they are giving the best pricing, I explored further with the app for prices by checking out local hotels. In the list of Kuala Lumpur, I chose WOLO hotel where the displayed room price is only RM 237.62 per night. To ensure you do not do extra work, they have included TripAdvisor reviews for you to check out.


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Just follow the steps by keying in all your particulars before heading to final payment. At the end, the final figure still stands at RM 237.62.


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Let’s compare with my usual hotel booking site Agoda.com where I choose the same criteria, with their end final payment is RM 250.23 after calculation of Hotel tax. I guess it is a great saving of RM 12.61 in comparison. If you are staying for a longer duration, I certainly believe it is a great bargain deal.


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What about Flight Ticket? I did a little comparison too for one-way tickets. Their searches came out with variety of airlines at the price of current price offering.

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By doing the same thing, I did fill up till the last payment gateway where the price remains the same and do not have any additional credit card charges that make the pricing stood at RM 551.25 while at AirAsia website, the price came up to RM 549 – which is yet to include credit card charges of RM 12. So overall we still make a savings of estimated RM 9.75.


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If you are in the middle of selecting your payment and there is a long call that comes in, the app will hold at least 1 hour and 15 minutes for you on your deal to make it through.


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It is worth to give Traveloka a try for comparable rates and little savings that can go a long way for some of you travelers out there. Visit them at their website or just by downloading their app.

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