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We do not know what is nice in the restaurant, therefore we left our fate on their hands and they had order quite a lot of dishes which is mostly their favourites to be served to us.

Please forgive me that, most of the names will not be written in which I am not very sure of it.

kiki (9)

kiki (10)

Cold Shrudded Chicken in a Sesame Dressing @ NT220

First bite taste a bit weird as it is served cold but when the aroma start to burst in our mouth, a bit salty sesame taste by biting the soft chicken meat that just goes along with the sauce perfectly.

kiki (11)

It has been finely chopped and cook till its a bit crispy and dry shrimps saltiness blend into the veggie, finally cook with a bit chili to pull up the taste a bit.

kiki (12)

Thinly Slice Braised Pork in some dressing @ NT 220, Pork lovers, you would not want to miss this dish. Fine slices of pork that been braised and put on with their special sauce just cant let me stop picking on it.

kiki (13)

Stir Fried noodle.

kiki (14)

This pork leg had been braised till its skin is very soft, well coated with the sauce that they cook along, more spicy yet a bit salty, to eat along with rice is a perfect combination.

kiki (15)

This is one of a challenging dish that its quite spicy, more like a taste of sweet and sour with special spicy chili padi in it.

kiki (16)

MAn tou is a  must order too.

kiki (17)

One of my favourite for the night is Spicy Deep Fried Smelly Toufu Cubes @ NT 200 which is one of the best smelly taufu I come accross so far in my trip, quite smelly yet deep fried with dry chili is where the challenges come it. Dipping it with the sauce given create another aroma on it.

kiki (18)

When comes to Sichuan food, Sour Spicy Soup will be a must order item in my list. . . cook till a bit thick, with generous amount of ingredient add on with a bit chili oil, makes it very nice, enough sour and spicy level.

kiki (19)

I definately enjoying my best meal in Taiwan So far in the restaurant.

kiki (20)

Pak taking this candid shot of Tina which he is now a wedding photographer.

kiki (21)

This is the after effect of what happen when we took too much spicy food with Eva’s lips become like german sausages.

kiki (22)

Chop! we had dine in Kiki Restaurant while we were in Taiwan.

kiki (23)

Next we are looking for nice desert shop to eat then found this one very nice ice cream shop that sell purely on choco products, we did not buy as we just like the concept of the shop. Simple, elegant and nice. 😀

kiki (24)

kiki (25)

After walked a while and running out of idea as it was getting late, then head back to this very famous franchise chain in Taiwan Meet Fresh that have more than 130 outlets in Taiwan itself that run by siblings. This round, I was told that, almond flavour would be one of their signature as I do not really like almond taste in desert but just then give it a try.

kiki (26)

Our Local Malaysia famous desert Snowflake is much alike this concept too as they origin from bout the same place.

kiki (27)

Just that the menu in Taiwan are filled with more variety.

kiki (28)

Wooden chairs and tables are place in the shop, simple yet classic

kiki (29)

They do have this beepper too.

kiki (30)

kiki (31)

Eva then introduce me one of her favourite pop corn brand Tea Chansii that I found out that the caramel is well coated in most of the pop corn seal in this tin that every bite is crispy even on the shelves for 3 days.

kiki (32)

Izint that she trying to act cute?

kiki (33)

Here comes our desert that was order by them. Muachi is recommended by them, same with me, soft outside filled with one layer of black sugar that makes it just nice and chewy.

kiki (34)

Under this hot weather, this definately would help, taste sour with a sweet jelly in it, with icy cold. Refreshing.

kiki (35)

Comes with almond ice and pudding jelly with red bean and taro balls.

kiki (36)

Their classic range, Grass Jelly with Taro Balls.

kiki (37)

My choice, Grass Ice with Jelly Pudding, peanut and Taro Balls.

kiki (38)

Ais is blend till so soft which is their signature blend that makes it one of the type to be so famous for their desert.

kiki (39)

Almond Bubble Tea with jelly. Taste superb!

If you happen to be in Taiwan, both of this shop Meet Fresh and Kiki Restaurant is a Recommended place to visit by me!

Kiki Restaurant 47, Lane 280, GuangFu S. Road,1F, Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +866 2 2781 4250

Location of Meet Fresh:

same strech of Kiki Restaurant, one block away.

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