Upon a debut that arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Boat Noodle had hit a big buzz with many foodies within Klang Valley to enjoy their famous gimmic of stacking noodle bowls when you finish it, by taking pictures and share how many bowls that you can it. Its actually  a concept which is quite well known in Bangkok, Thailand that brought it to our shores.


Did wanted to try in their first outlet which is at Damansara Perdana and their usual waiting time is about 30minutes – 60 minutes then I did not bother till recently they have open another branch which is in my work place, The School at Jaya One.

In this outlet they have a slight gimmic with a mini boat right infront of their outlet with street signages.



I am happy that this outlet, I do not have to queue as long as Damansara Perdana. The only time you have to queue is during weekends.



boat (2)

boat (10)

Fried Chicken is pretty good, just that its too little.

boat (11)

This outlet will be slightly different compare to their main branch as for this one, they are introducing new flavour which is spicy. Now you get to choose Original/Spicy for the soup base.

boat (1)

boat (12)

The chicken boat noodle is served with a fish ball, Soup base is slightly sourish spicy that makes it pretty good. Just that, I cant take it too much. All the servings is at RM1.90

boat (15)

boat (18)

boat (16)

boat (17)

boat (19)

Oh, their coffee turns out to be very good. Now had become one of my favourite drink in this outlet as the coffee taste is pretty robust, smooth and a good cuppa during this hot weather.

boat (20)

This is how I ended up with 2 stacking bowl that wanted to do like KLCC twin tower but too full to continue. 3 of us with this amount is pretty much.

Well the bill comes up to not really cheap  as I would spend the same amount for some other food. Anyhow, done it and stack it.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, Okay lah -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


The School by Jaya One
Lvl P2, Jalan Universiti.


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