After a quick exploration of Manila city for a few hours (click here), we were then follow by an early wake up call, grab our quite breakfast on the go to the airport as we are catching the earliest flight transit from Manila to Tagbilaran (Bohol) which is 7.30am flight. The flight duration is estimated 1h 20 mins.

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Flying above all this beautiful island and I am sure that Taglibaran is gonna be another great place.

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This airport is really really small one as everything is still on manual mode.

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We were then welcome by the locals . .

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What I mean small as in this conveyor belt area, one glace you see all.

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For first timer here, you can ask all your queries here and they are pretty helpful with all the information you need.

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Right outside the airport they have this 3 pop up booth to cater for car rental, or any adventure package you keen to take up. Taxis are available right outside the airport. In Bohol, its they have very unique type of mini taxi or pretty similiar to those in Thailand, Tut Tut.

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Right after picking up our luggauge, we were then transport to our hotel, South Palms Resort Panglao.

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We reach our resort after 30 minutes ride from the airport. Its a 45 hectare spread of a beachfront view, South Palms Resort Panglao is a 9.3 hectare tropical enclave that sports just 90 rooms and villas; most of which brings you close to the sun, sea and sandy goodness to boot.

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Right after check in, we then did a quick explore on the resort and I am totally impress. Then head to our Deluxe Garden ViewPHP 7,500 . .  Fits up to 2 adults and 2 children while additional guests can opt to pay PHP 2,500 a night @ RM 186  each inclusive of breakfast and dinner in the resort itself.

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Our room is not bad, I just find it a bit small and well, as I will spend most of the time outside the room, so it does not really bother me.

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Our bed is greeted with a card and also a pack of peanuts.

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Toilet is big enough as all the necessity is there, with bathing products from Face.

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Bathrobe, security box and slippers for your convenience and also an umbrella just in case it rains and you need to walk to the cafe area.

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Its a huge beach front, with tons of palm trees and just right for a simple gateaway from bustling cities. Sea water with white sandy beach is just perfect.

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This is where I spend most of my nights are, with beanbags placed at the beach area, and I built 3 for my fort and just park there for few hours and chat with the rest.

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Did try their massage and its good, and its very reasonable for a resort, with an option to do it at the mini hut or it can be done in your room.

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Infinity pool

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Meet Kittie Yiyi, a crazy person that does alot of crazy shots during the trip.

If you are planning to catch sunrise, its quite early from our time as it rise around 5.30am. At our current picture, its at 7.30am which is very bright and getting hot.


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This is how I park myself at the beach during night.

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Their breakfast area is quite relaxing, with unique fan that the blades look like a huge leaves, and I chose my table seating facing the pool and sea.

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Quite a good range they have it from the usual bread section, fresh milk, pastries, pancakes, asian to western delight are all available.

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Bacon, sushi in this early hours ..

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AS mention above, this is my main hangout area during night as they only have one bar only. They close early if there is no crowd but you can still order from the coffee house as what I did during my second night stay, as the bar closed early.

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While waiting for my meal and this 2 Kittie and Ash went to look for treasure in the sea. 😀

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During my stay here, manage to met the 2 young owner of this resort and I am impress how they build this whole place up.

For any reservation, please check out their website

South Palms Resort Panglao
Barangay Bohol, Panglao,
Bohol 6340, Philippines
[email protected]


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