Botak Pari Grill Fish at Desa Petaling, KL seems to be one of a famous stall in this neighbourhood. When I posted this suprisingly quite number of my friends know about this place. My bro was looking for a similiarity to Penang Grill fish taste we thought of trying it out and turns out to be never dissapoint.

desa petalingLooking on how botak pari operates, he seems to be only to serve fresh ingredients only. Can see that some of his worker are operating and cutting fish fresh while refilling those fish in. Do not disappoint if you see the display fish rack empty as they need to keep it fresh, it is place inside the ice box. Do ask them is any left available. 

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best grill fish in kl

Just look at the colour of the grill fish. perfecto! the marination seems to be spot on and I love my grill fish to be a bit burnt on the meat and skin. 
nidoz condo desa petaling


This will be a long wait and depending what time you arrive. I try to arrive before 6.30pm to enjoy the fish with less waiitng time. While if you are hungry can order the food inside the kopitiam. 

Our order came after 30 minutes wait. 
sambal petaiOur order for the night are: Big Ikan Pari or Sting ray fish, Petai with brinjal sambal. this squid with a bill of about RM 90
ikan bakar kl

love the flavours of the squid as they are more thick or dence in flavour. Squid is fresh and soft yet grill to perfection. The base that they used might be a bit heavy but still spot on.
grill sotong

grill fish in kl

Grill fish is done to perfection. Meat is fresh and soft, burnt edges to my liking and sambal is more on the little spicy end. Those of you that cant take spicy, this fish marination might be a bit little spicy than the usual stall out there. 

sambal petai recipeSambal Petai with Brinjal is pretty good. Just look at the little dry shrimps that they have been fry together. It is pretty solid flavour and the petai is fresh. Those of you do not like it will feel its overpowering. I am not a big fan of petai too, I find that they are cook right. Just nice to cover the strong taste of petai, sambal is well balance, eggplant is not too soft and a combination as such is quite nice.Restoran Botak Pari

pretty good place to come to satisfy your little crave of grill fish. Certainly this stall would be in one of my recommendation as they fair slightly better than a few stalls that I have tried in KL. Are they the best grill fish in KL? I have no idea but love to try more. 

*Pork Free (not sure)

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, pretty good grill fish in KL!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Restoran Botak Pari Grill Fish

2, Jalan 2/125f,

Taman Desa Petaling, 54000 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 4.30pm – 10pm (Monday Close)


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