Classic French Food in KL or Authentic French Food in KL? Where do you find them? There is one actually, hidden right in the heart of TTDI. A hidden gem in the area. Brasserie Leon at Green Terrace, TTDI is one of the place that you might want to hunt for. Indeed, this is one of my favourite restaurant for French Food. Was introduce by Yukiko 2 years ago as she was so into it that she is telling the whole world about it.

Leon (1)

The place might look posh, with high glass setting that brings in all natural light. Fine dining settings that makes you feel it is going to break your bank. Wait till you flip through their menu, then you will be suprise.

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Not your usual fine dining place, as the chef want the diners to expereince the setting and ambiance without digging in too deep into your wallet, yet enjoying homestyle classic French Cuisine.

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starting off with their starters.

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Bread are made fresh daily and one of the first item to reach onto the table. Cripsy on the skin ages, inside is soft and fluffy.

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Deep fried beef cromesquis – Minced beef is dipped in batter and deep fried, and served with smoked paprika mayo

Made fresh, and the meatball is not too dence. Fried to perfection on the meatball and must dip with chef special sauce.

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Flamed cured mackerel @ RM 13.90

for the starters, this would be my highly recommended dish. A simple dish that had some slight tweak in it. Makareal cured to perfection. Nice flavour from the blow tourch on the skin, hint of salty, hint of sweetness aftertaste and the right balance of ingredient flavour. A perfect pairing for their house white wine too.

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Escargots with garlic butter @ RM 16.90 – one of the chef signature item which is also one of his best seller. Escargo is fresh, and peel off from the shell. Easy dining for many of us. Punch with flavour as the garlic butter is strong. I put it ontop on the bread and paired it with wine. Loving it!

Leon (7)

Leon (8)
For cheese lover, the chef is using different cheese for this and you will enjoy every bite of it. Each bite is flavourful by itself and the jam at the side is to give a pairing of sweet note on it. Depending on yourself, as I do dip on it to give me a better dimension of flavour. Deep fried brie cheese @ RM 15.90

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One of the latest edition into the outlet which is quite high in demand is this  Traditional Raclette @ RM 32.90 , A slab of cheese being place and burt, then melted raclette cheese is scraped over steamed potatoes, onion pickles and gherkins. Simple and hit the right note. The trick is you have to eat it fast!

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Leon (16)

So much food, just have to start some where

Leon (17)

Next is the singature mains.

Leon (18)

Grilled Australian grain-fed beef striploins are the signature from the chef. A 180-gram portions and of course to choose medium-rare, and drench with Léon’s signature sauce,.

Angus @ RM 79.90 or regular beef @ RM 49.90

Leon (19)

Leon (20)

I quite like the Léon’s roasted spring chicken @ RM 19.90 for a half-bird. An effort for inserting herbs into the chicken to get the meat juicy and punch with flavour. Juicy inside out and a classic dish. Some of you might not used to the saltiness of it, but I find it alright.

Leon (21)

Roasted salmon served with a beurre blanc sauce, with hints of smoked paprika.

Leon (24)

I love their nother  Le Poulet Frites @ RM19.90. Crispy inside out, cut of fries is perfect and it does have a hint of sweeetness after taste. First time enjoying fries paired with white. and taste pretty good. .

Leon (22)

Leon (25)

As for the endingg, we end with a sweet satisfaction. Those of you love pungent flavour, their dessert is for you to knock off.

Leon (28)

Creme Brulee @ RM 9.90. Density of cream is just nice, hint of vanilla and I like the slight egg’y after taste. The torch burnt top is just nice.

Leon (31)

Tiramisu Verrine @ RM 10.90 Not the usual tiramisu I have. Creamy, yet the sponge cake soak with nice espresso coffee shot which is not too bitter but goes well with the cream.

Leon (32)

Chocolate Mousse @ RM 10.90. I believe this would be girl’s best friend. Dense and pack with flavour.

Leon (33)

Why is this place one of my recommended place. Rather simple. Price, ambiance and food. A place I have visited couple of times over the years.

Psst, also this place was previously known as Cocott.

1-1, Greens Terrace,
Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hours:
Wednesday-Monday: 12pm-3pm/ 630pm-10pm.
Closed Tuesdays

Tel: 03-2712-4481


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