Sunday usually ends up in some cafe hunting and was out of idea on which cafe to hit on. My best friend recommended this new cafe place in Bangsar which is operating next to PULP is this Breakfast Thief. A new cafe that just operates its door to public for less than a month that serve Melbourne inspired menu. I have read many place that is Melbourne inspired menu but many never came close except for this. Breakfast Thief hit both mark on my list to make them one of the new cafe boys to mark for.

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  1. love their build up concept with modern factory style
  2. Menu/ food serve is very technical, filled with bold flavor and  modern twist.

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With less than a month in operations, they queue is crazy. I was told average waiting time is about 30 minutes – 60 minutes, except for weekdays. If you do plan to visit this cafe, do prepare for the long wait as yesterday morning I waited for about 35 minutes for my table. It was nice enough for the owner to keep serving cold water for all the waiting patrons. 

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Little did I know that Malaysians start to enjoy outdoor dining version in our hot solid weather.

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This is what I mean with bold flavors with technique, where you can read it in their food descriptions.

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I ordered Mocha @ RM 12 and Hot Latte @ RM 11. Love their coffee version as it is just nice to my palate. Mild bitter taste to kicks in, follow suit by mild acidic. Mocha is decent where you can taste both caffine bitterness and also cocoa powder that did not overpower each other.

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I am not too sure what had happen as both of our dishes was serve less than 5 minutes where it seems every thing was pre cook, with order came in they just plate it and serve. Many did recommend their Mr.Terry Benedict @ RM 29 is a bomb and here you go. Presentation is amazing as it is served with 24 hours braised beef cheeks, in green peppercorn, smoked paprika charred cauliflower, honey apple compote, poached eggs with yuzu-hollandaise on toast. 

Every of the elements is a well balance that did not over power each other, with a very prominent taste is their yuzu-hollandaise with note of sour bitter that yuzu should have, pairs well with others. 

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This was another recommended dish by online feedback is Gypsy King @ RM 29. Served with Crisp garlic rosemery polanta bars with beetroot & citrus cured salmon trout, cauliflower & paramesan puree, roasted mushroom, charred onion & poached eggs. What stand out in this dish is their sauce and puree. it is done to perfection where it is smooth and pack with flavour, although the salmon has lack of taste as per description but overall flavour combination is good with rooms of improvement to make it better.

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At first, I would want to order my third dish – The Legend where their description do look pretty good and with picture from another blogger do look salivating, but since it is an ending, then decided to order My French Lady @ RM 26 as what I read in blog on 30/7, where the presentation was  decently attractive, with thick glace chocolate sauce, some chocolate sand and nice curd or puree to complement with.  

served with perfumed strawberry & thyme, 55% salted dark chocolate soil, lemon curd, raspberry cream & mixed sesame shards. 

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What I got yesterday was a 2 different level of presentation where I believe they have changed their style of platting. It looks very obvious that there are ingredients cut corners as per compare what they have served 2 weeks ago. With only 5 cubes of french and indeed chocolate soil was more like dirt on the plate. It was quite disappointing though. Do avoid this dish unless you do not mind paying for it where I considered it quite steep for such a presentation!

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Another glass of Ice Latte before we go off. While seating and waiting for this to arrive, then only I notice the ingredients in my portion Mr.Terry Benedict fell far short from both the tables next to me. Tracking back to my picture, and indeed it is true. My plate is missing one egg and the braised beef is like half the portion from what I had, where the lady sitting next to me, her portion of braised beef is like moutain high.

Upon paying, I raised my disappointment to the cashier and it seems that his reactions told me that it is pretty common that they made an error where I was giving 10% off from my bill.

Note: No doubt that they are still pretty new, with alot of improvement especially in serving portions to be more consistent. They certainly need to buck up immediately for the next 1 month, or maybe there is a reason with the word thief there. 😀

Still one of a place to visit if you have not tried.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, Food is good, as they need to buck up their consistency to raise my overall food ratings~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Breakfast Thieves
Lot M, 29-5 Jalan Riong, Paper Plates,
Art Printing Works APW Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
(Located right next to Pulp Bangsar)

Phone: 03-2788-3548

Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm Daily.
Closed Monday.

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