#Joywilltakeyoufurther is a great tagline. Not every dream or wish will bring you to action. I have plenty of bucket-list that have yet to do where one of he main reason, is not about time nor money, is a best friend to accompany to do all this extreme adventure with you. Not many friends around us do have the crazy thought the same as mine but indeed this is a great start where I get to pick one of my friend to do a bungee jump with a courtesy of Jonnie Walker Malaysia for helping me to tick it off my bucket list and of course at that time, Rachel was my pick to do this crazy stuff with me.

Bungee Jump (2)

It is not the bungee jump that I was wishing for like those in New Zealand where jumping off the bridge or any more extreme then that. Where in Malaysia, one of the place that only offer bungee jump is Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park and we have arranged the jump over the weekend for it. It had been ages since we have entered back Sunway Lagoon and now it had further improvement on it, where they are forcing you to walk through the wild wild west and also the new Nickelodeon park.

How do you go to extreme park:

  1. Buy Sunway Lagoon Pass for Malaysian by showing MyKad at RM 120 and foreigners at RM 150. ( a pass where you get to enjoy all park)
  2. Head over to Extreme park counter and pay only RM 80 per jump per person.

Bungee Jump (3)

Right after the purchase, you are required to fill in form and sign off a form. Then you will be weight at the machine and your weight is written on my hand for personal up there as a indicator. There are a maximum weight to do this jump.

Bungee Jump (5)

Bungee Jump (7)

Then you have to climb at least 5 levels of staircase to reach the bridge.

Bungee Jump (8)

We are still cool about it when we reach the bridge before walking over to the jump site. 

Bungee Jump (9)

Bungee Jump (10)

Bungee Jump (11)

At the jump site it is only about 22 meter high where is about 8 story high.

Bungee Jump (14)

We are being brief at the top again for safety measure and you are required to sit down and let the safety Marshall do all the necessary tying on you.

Bungee Jump (12)

Hahaha, this girl still so chill where she have yet see the edge of it. This is her reaction. 

Bungee Jump (22)

Bungee Jump (17)

Bungee Jump (13)

Follow by my turn. . .

Bungee Jump (18)

Bungee Jump (15)

Bungee Jump (16)

Bungee Jump (19)


Bungee Jump (21)

Right after the jump, you can collect your jumping cert at the purchase ticketing counter. Woot Woot, we have done it for our first jump.


Truly would like to thank Jonnie Walker Malaysia for helping me to fast forward this adventure as this was part of my plan for the next 3 years.

Now I am left with SKY DIVING! Looking forward for this next crazy challenge. Never stop chasing your adventure #joywilltakeyoufurther

Bungy Jump at Extreme Park3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 5639 0000Price Range: General admission RM120 (adult), RM90 (children up to 11 years old and senior citizens over 60 years old); bungy jump RM80

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00


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  1. Cool experience, i nearly did it some 20 yrs back at Sunway from a cig event, but backed out of doing one at Macau a couple years ago due to $$ & balls. lol

  2. Is it necessary to take park entry of 170rm if i wanna do only Bungy jump or can i take seperate ticket for only bungy jump??

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