Grilled burger was a big thing last year as when we first wrote about this place, Burger Kaw Kaw in Wangsa Maju, the street grilled burger joint had an instant impact that make the huge line for burger. (click here Burger Kaw Kaw). Me and Foodpoi got blame by some of the friends for making it such a hard time to get one of their favourite burger after that.

Since after the hype, you can see many copy cats are in the market yet some make it some failed without any proper direction. Since the huge hype after Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw they have now evolve to another new level. They are now operating in a huge corner in Ampang Waterfront which is pretty hard to miss them if you coming from another side.

Burger Bakar (1)

Burger Bakar (2)

As we went last month, their outlet is still in minor finishing mode before fully operational. As you can see on their fast food counter concept, pictures of the burger is not even up yet on top of the display board.

Burger Bakar (3)

We did inform them that, its pretty warm inside and they need a good ventilation as we ended up seating outside. They have bar type seating and right outside they gonna do something like drive thru with more like a milkshake counter. Its pretty interesting to hear the siblings on their idea how they gonna run this idea and we are really impress.

Now with their new kitchen, they have made all ingredients in house including their burger bun!

Burger Bakar (4)

as they already start operating, they also running their temporary menu that we must not miss.

Burger Bakar (5)

 They now even have limited edition item for public to hunt after.

Burger Bakar (6)

In this outlet, they have improve so much in the patty as they have now use better meat to replace their previous version and after much R&D, this is perfect for them roll out which all of us agree. Juicy, moist, well season and pretty good!

Burger Bakar (7)

Their most unique concept for this burger outlet is that they still remain their concept of Kaw Kaw tower and with this, you can customize your very own burger with ingredients available. From 1 patty or to 15 patties in different mix of ingredients is up for you to play with it.

Burger Bakar (8)

 Some version of their burger the cheeze is melted thru high temperature fire.

Burger Bakar (9)

Please dont drool yet. More to come for you. Beef with Bacon!

Burger Bakar (10)

This is their latest drink, to pair with their burger, I find it too sweet for me but I love the grape version. Feels like a mixture of fanta and ice cream that blends pretty well.

Burger Bakar (11)

We started off with Jumbo Dog with mustard sauce and grain bread. If you prefer something light, then this is something for you to go after, as its something simple and surely would not go wrong. Sausage is in chewy texture and bread is nice.

Burger Bakar (12)

If you prefer to get both of your hand in a mess with stronger flavour and spicy end, then go for their Chilli Dog. The green chili might scared you away but its just an add on taste of little spicy sour taste end for it. The chili gravy is not too spicy also and goes pretty well with the bun. End result, both hand are messy!

Burger Bakar (14)

Lets head down to something classic if you are a fan of beef stripes, cheeze and a 185g of patty, then Smokeynizer @  RM8.50

Burger Bakar (15)

If your appetite is getting bigger, then you can now try their Portobello Mushroom burger is a great mix of different type of mushroom from shitake, normal mushroom and a few other types to come out with this. Pattie are pretty unique as its infuse with mushroom too. Best of all is their sauce that compliment along and top with sesame bun.

Burger Bakar (16)

Back to their classic signature with improvise version as its now filled with their homemade bread, and top with a layer of grilled patty and a huge piece of grilled chicken. This giant is enough to kill you off and yet I saw one customer eating 2 patty and 2 grilled chicken. Its really damm huge! To me its a bit dry though as you can request for some sauce to add in. – Double Decker

Burger Bakar (17)

This is what their in house R&D team came up with their upcoming new range of series. Lamb with Cream Cheese burger is a must order. Cream cheeze is perfect in taste yet not too cheezy and filled with fried mix onion and mushroom top with a juicy pattie is something to kill for.

Burger Bakar (20)

Another series of their lamb is Lamb Carbonara Chilli and BBQ Cheeze would be another messy burger for you to eat. One great thing about their lamb patty is that they do not have the strong taste of the lamb and its very very mild that can suits many taste bud.

Burger Bakar (18)

This would be one of my favourite as with cheeze that being burn on the spot to melt it right in front of your eyes then the aroma trails into your nose that make you hungry right after that.

Burger Bakar (19)

 Grilled chicken with mozarella would be one of a messy burger with all your 10 fingers soak in sauces yet end with satisfaction.

Burger Bakar (21)

Last to arrive is Kreto Philly Cheeze sticks that is filled with beef bacon stripes, chunkcs of meat and jalapeno chilli that makes it extra kick. Among the series of hotdog, this is one of a must try.

Even they are on their soft opening, they have manage to capture regulars around the area already. If you are craving for new local malay burger, I would say this is one of the place to hunt for, as they are pretty unique in its creation and worth to try. It will take you quite a drive to hunt for this place and I believe now they will be fully operational.

Price range would be from Rm6.90- RM50 ( if you do customize burger )

Best of all, its a HALAL restaurant that run by 2 siblings.

Restoran Kaw’D
No 46 Jalan Awf 3,
Ampang Waterfront
56000, Ampang,

Operation Hour:
Everyday : 6.30pm to 2.00am

Fanpage FB :
Website :

Google Maps coordinate: 3.150240, 101.752008
GPS User : 3.150240, 101.752008

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