Burger & Lobster got many foodie in Malaysia excited. Regard to many of them as one of a must dining place when at Sky Avenue.

[update: Aug: The taste is not consistent as compare to previously I had, this round the taste is more bland.]

Burger and Lobster (3)

About Burger and Lobster:

The first in Asia 3,500 sq ft space, Burger & Lobster will debut both the stripped menu and design ethic of the British chain, unveiling of the gargantuan Sky Avenue project and its 600,000 sq ft gross floor area. Sky Avenue promises to elevate the simple pursuits of shopping, eating and sightseeing to an art form. This is one of the reasons the management of Resorts World Genting strove to find exciting new F&B experiences with which to thrill its guests.

Burger & Lobster specialises in premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada, which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA. Due to the volumes the group buys on a weekly basis, they become very affordable and saleable.

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This is what they have to offer as the menu is pretty straight forward. From Burgers to classic lobster and Lobster Roll.

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The Giant Tank that keeps the Premium Giant Lobster (base on season as the lobster is about 30-40 years old)

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so we tried 3 of the offered item .

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Original Lobster @ RM 148 Member/RM 153 Non Member

Original would be more ideal as you can taste the freshness of the lobster and also the cream sauce will give you the enhancement of flavour.

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Chili Lobster  serve in a claypot and you are prodived with a clipper to crush the shell and also a pair of gloves to prevent your hand from getting dirty. In the end you will use your hand as the plastic gloves is very slippery. Is a dish that is quite messy. Sauce is decent where give you sourish taste and mild chili flavour. Taste similiar to our local seafood provider of sweet and sourish crab. @ RM 168 Member/RM173 Non Member

Burger and Lobster (18)

Original Lobster Rolls @ RM138 Member/RM153 Non Member. One of the easiest food to eat as the bread is filled with lobster meat.

Burger and Lobster (19)


Burger and Lobster (21)

If you are in Burger & Lobster for the first time, I think my I would recommend Lobster Original and Lobster Roll Seven Spices. Taste will be at your own discretion as I find it decent only.

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Tel: 03-6105 9186

E-mail: [email protected]

GPS Location: 3.4234171,101.7945099


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