I was told that if I do visit this area, Bukchon Village or Samcheong-dong, I must drop by at Cafe Bora カフェボラ which is one of the latest hype in Seoul over last summer. What I found out is that this little cafe, product most of their item in purple sweet potato and also in limited quantity. Bora also means purple where you can see that most of their item are in purple.

cafe bora (1)

To spot this place is pretty hard as it is a small alley that leads to a small shop. Aplogize that I did not take the frontage of outside street area.

cafe bora (2)

A small store that you have to queue if you are at the wrong timing as the crowd is mostly tourist.

cafe bora (3)

cafe bora (4)

cafe bora (5)

cafe bora (6)

menu is pretty small and you can nearly order all their signature item. This is one of them where sweet potato chips that serve with sweet potato drink at the bottom.

cafe bora (7)

our order  of all the signature item which include the bingsu, chips and soft serve ice cream.

cafe bora (8)

Love the bingsu

cafe bora (9)

cafe bora (10)

cafe bora (11)

love the bingsu texture as the ice shave to so soft and airy, that nearly melts instantly in your mouth. Sweet potato puree on the top with edible flower enhance the taste of it. Their soft serve ice cream is also spot on. If I were given a choice to choose either one, then soft serve ice cream will be my first choice. Soft, not too sweet yet sweet potato fragrant. Simple and nice.

cafe bora (12)

cafe bora (13)

cafe bora (14)

Before we left, I make another take away of Roasted Brown Rice soft serve. Loving it as the taste is to my liking. Not too strong of roasted flavour yet you will just keep digging in.

I also saw some posting that now Cafe Bora had expended to Bangkok. You can check them out too (click here)

walking direction:

To reach Cafe Bora, take subway exit 1 at Anguk station, turn right until you see an entrance going to direction of Samcheong-dong. Continue to go straight for 10 mins then it is located on the left, opposite to a croissant taiyaki stall.

Cafe Bora カフェボラ
149-5 Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 070-8613-5537

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/cafeborakorea


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