I have to thank Carlsberg Brewary Malaysia for inviting me over to their Bloggers Christmas Party 2013 that took place at their own Visitors Lounge in their brewery.

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Its a place that I have been here couple of times under as media and also as official visit under my company that I am working with. I always wish that my company do have a little bar for our staff to chill for a while to de-stress.

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 Right before dinner, we were greet with a group of dancers dress in their Christmas outfit to make the ambiance even better. . .

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Not only that, as we were then offered a golden opportunity with an option of touring the brewery itself and how can we say no. In this painting, is actually the main entrance of Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carlsberg (6)


Carlsberg (7)

 We were then tour with information on Carlsberg Brewery factory, brewing process. . .

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 Everyone were paying attention to the details of it ..

Carlsberg (10)

 Their official PRoduct . ..

Carlsberg (11)

 and what suprise me is that, this brewery were in Malaysia as early as 1972.

Carlsberg (12)

Carlsberg (13)

Carlsberg (14)

Carlsberg (15)

After the tour, we get some drinks, hang out and chat with the rest of friends. Guess who were the DJ for the night. Its our own friend DJ CAlvin Harris Khoo as what they call him. 😀

Carlsberg (16)

Carlsberg (17)

 Picture then got bomb by Ben. .

Carlsberg (18)

Great to see Ashley in here too as I remember the last round I saw her was a year ago in Carlsberg Where’s the Party in Penang.

Carlsberg (19)

 As on the night, we keep drinking with all their official brand.

Carlsberg (20)

Grimbergen is one of my favourite and another 2 brands that caught my attention is Skol SUPER! The meaning of Super in here is really SUPER as the alcohol level in this bottle is 11%. Double up from their normal beer % and its good stuff! Another brand that is so good that it had now become top in my beer ladder is this Little Creature – Pale Ale which is so smooth, not too sweet, slightly bitter end and I drank 3 bottle of this. I do not remember I see this outside in the market. IF you do see it, do try it!


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