Woot woot, back for second time again for this Wine Trivia as this round it is being hosted at E.G.G – Eight Gourmet Gala which is another eatery which is quite well know with folks around this neighborhood. For wine trivia, the trick still remains the same as with RM148++ per pax, you will be given an amount 80 wine point with minimum per bet is 10 points.

Wine CAsino (1)

With this buy in, it is like actually a blind wine tasting that taste how well your palate and upon each wine being serve, it is your time to guess on all the characters and regions.

Wine CAsino (2)

It goes by level 1 – level 3.

Wine CAsino (3)

Wine CAsino (4)

Each of us were given a glass of wine, as it kick start off with white.

Wine CAsino (5)

10 points per bet. If you are confident on the character you can place a maximum bet of 50 points per single bet.

Wine CAsino (6)

EAch bottle being pour for tasting will be wrap in black cloth and upon all the bets, the dealer will then reveal on the character of each wine.

Wine CAsino (7)

Wine CAsino (8)

Middle of the game, upon all chips that you have won, you will be offered on first round of auction with chips that you have. There are 3 food items being auction and depending on how many chips that you have you can make a bid.

Wine CAsino (9)

This is my new found love of wine, which is Argentinian wine as both have strong character of dry wine. Loving it.

Wine CAsino (10)

On the last bid item which got every one excited is a bottle of wine. This is the winner where player 1, 4, 7, 10 and 12 team up to win this winning bid bottle.

As for now, what you can do is by checking out their offerings as this will be running on monthly from December 2015 till next year, December 2016 :

The ‘Wine Trivia’ packages offered are:

  • Bottle Package
  • With any purchase of MHD wines, customer will receive 80 wine points and 3 glasses of wines for 3 ‘Wine Trivia’ betting sessions.
  • Glass Package*
  • With every purchase of MHD wine of the day at RM25++ per glass, customer will receive 20 wine points for 1 ‘Wine Trivia’ betting session.

*Please note: This is a seasonal package, EGG will select a MHD wine for the game and invite walk-in customer for the game. The game will commence once 6 or 7 guests are gathered.


  • Optional: Top-up chips at RM60 nett for 80 wine points.

To heighten the experience, guests will be able to redeem their wine points over multiple auctions that will be happening at the end of the session, bidding to win bottles of wine and other unique prizes! Guests will also be able to combine their wine points with friends to increase a bid or redeem Eights Gourmet Gala (EGG) dining cash vouchers at the end of the session. For reservations and enquiries, kindly contact Ms. Zana Chin at +6017-592 9381.


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