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Something to quench your thirst, Vampire KissRM12.90 will truly give you the chill and refreshing taste that a Mocktail shaken with strawberry puree, lemon, roma sour mix, topped with sprite and decorated with a fresh strawberry & lemon wedge.

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Cocktail Lover might want to try off Witches Brew RM25.90 A blend of Midori, sky vodka, captain morgan spiced rum, pineapple & cranberry juices and ice cubes, topped wtih a gummy worm

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I have always been a fan of Pumpkin Soup and its hard to find nice 1 around and now if you do come to dine in this restaurant, is a MUST to order this Pumpkin SoupRM8.90 (bowl)/ RM7.90 (cup). Thick in texture, and can see that a very flab skin of pumpkin that was in it shows that they use true fresh ingredient and I am just loving it!

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Start off with the platter . . . Good to share with 4 person that my favourite definately would the onion rings.

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Tony Roma’s 10 Beef Ribs RM129.90

Something that I learn today that Marcky a guy that I just got to know and seriously a good food hunter! Thought me how to differentiate what is a good fresh ribs or perfect grill ribs is you definitely have to use hand to eat it then shake abit on the bone to make the meat fall off just like that, it means a good piece of ribs that had been perfectly bbq!

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BBQ 1/2 Chicken RM29.90

A juicy, half chicken basted in Original barbecue sauce and charbroiled. Served with french fries and coleslaw.

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Fish lovers, definately you would want to try this Tony Roma’s Fish Grill RM39.90

A perfect grill cod with its softness and fressness and it was a good choice to go along with Tomato Pesto  Salad as the dressing to maintain the freshness. Definately do not have the fishy taste. One good thing is that we can choose the ‘Fillets’, what type of ‘Flavours’ and what type of dressing you prefer. Is a mix and match.

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Lastly end with their limited edition Howlin’ Pumpkin Pie RM8. Sweet pumpkin coated with sugar, cream, vanilla essence, cinnamon & ginger powder in a freshly baked tart shell and topped with Vanilla ice-cream & caramel sauce.

Take your advantage to try out their very 3 days limited edition menu by Tony Romas by making your reservation at the nearest branch:

Sunway Pyramid 03-7492 1188, [email protected] 03-7728 7833, Pavilion KL 03-2143 3278, The Gardens 03-2282 8243

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  1. wow! nice dey come out with special foods n beverages for the halloween! 😀 the dessert looks so tempting!

  2. It’s funny to say that I haven’t been to Tony Romas before in Malaysia lol. My first Tony Romas experience is in Singapore, love their pork ribs and onion rings.

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