Ha (5)

This stall definately gives us a catch that we can learn how to mix doing a cocktail with Hennessy VSOP with their main 4 flavours, Citrus, Apple, Cranberry and Ginger.

Ha (6)

With all the mixer ready for you to play around..

Ha (7)

Ladies and Gentleman please put on your headset and prepare to be teach by a French guy on how to mix to get the best out of the alcohol and mixer.

Result: we are happy with our mixing, some say also can open shop already. 😀

Ha (8)

Certainly do start to Rocks the mode. .

Ha (9)

I wonder what will I do if I have such a big bottle of Hennessy.

Ha (10)

It was early and the whole hall is getting packed already, with local DJ and performance starting to warm up the scene.

Ha (11)

We warm up ourselves also.

Ha (12)

Simon, Me and Vialentino

Ha (13)

It was quite a suprise too, get to see my friends that we used to hang out and party at Melbourne.

Ha (14)

Clevermunkey, Me and Smashpop

Ha (15)

Esther, Shantee and Me

Ha (16)

 SexyJunjunRiko and Me

Ha (17)

This is what happen when you too warm up!

Ha (18)

Every one is looking forward to this where Kardinal and the rest of the artist sure do rock the house!

Ha (19)

Ha (20)

Me, Emeryn, her bf and ChrisTock

Ha (21)

Me and Jac

Ha (22)

Ha (23)

Group pic of all the crazy flers for the night and on that night I sure do see alot of familiar faces around. . hehe, please do forgive me if I dont say Hi… too dark in there, very hard to recognise lah~

After go back tipsy with the unlimited free flow of booze, I am sooooo looking forward for next years Hennessy Artistry Event.

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