Starting Chinese New Year celebration with Tiger Beer – Uncage New Beginnings early. They have transform the place back to one of my favourite theme, old Shanghai.

tiger (3)

Upon arrival of course we start off with their signature beer, Tiger and Heineken. Then head to the activities station that some of them I find it very interesting. Not to mention, new year new luck, so first station is to ‘pluck’ angpows containing a lucky draw ticket from the gilded Tree of Wealth before opening the doors to new beginnings.

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Then checking out this of course, would want to see what is going on for year 2019 and I really find that Tea leaf reading is very interesting.

tiger (5)

Why is that so?

tiger (7)

His turn – Add in tea leaves, swirl it, pour the water out then (my turn) turn 3 rounds in how ever angle i want, it could be clockwise or anti clockwise, then hold the glass and flip it upside down and bring it back forth.

tiger (6)

Jeng jeng jeng. This is my version of result. Impress with this guy that in this noisy bits of thing, he can read what is going on with me. I can say it is 85% accurate, as he say out all the conditions first and I just nod to agree further.

tiger (8)

after see fortune telling, of course go to this table. I want to win the mug. Too bad lose all. To gain chips, we have to visit all the activity station to get it or combine with your friends.

tiger (2)

Not to miss out to taking picture with my ‘Kaki Lang’ as I am born in the same year as this character. The event began with a stunning lion dance performance, led by Zhu Bajie (a popular character inspired by Chinese novel Journey to the West), to invite luck – with each of the five lions in the colours representing the brands of the HEINEKEN Malaysia portfolio – Tiger, Heineken®, Guinness, Anchor and Apple Fox.

tiger (9.1)


tiger (10 (1)

Starting off performance with:

With the festive mood at an all-time high, HEINEKEN Malaysia Managing Director, Roland Bala, commenced the event with his speech and awakened the dragon for a mesmerizing dragon dance performance. Guests had the opportunity to participate in the Yee Sang tossing ceremony to usher in new beginnings with their wishes for a bountiful year ahead followed by a dinner with unique dishes specially for the festive season.

tiger (10 (2)

tiger (11)

tiger (12)


tiger (13)

Continue with their amazing smooth draft Guinness. One of da best!

tiger (14)

tiger (15)

Iberico ribs.

tiger (16)

tiger (17)

the table is fille with laughter and this two is the best drinking kaki.

Consumers can usher in the new beginnings and be rewarded this festive season with Tiger Beer – all they have to do is enjoy their favorite brews from HEINEKEN Malaysia’s which are purchase of any big bottle of Tiger Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout or Heineken® at participating coffee shops, food courts and Chinese restaurants can check underneath their bottle caps for three different characters – “福” (Fu), “禧” (Xi) and “猪” (Zhu) – representing the different prizes to be won.

One bottle cap marked “福” (Fu) allows consumers to redeem an angpow worth RM88,888, one cap marked “禧” (Xi) can be exchanged to redeem an exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set, and collecting 15 caps marked “猪” (Zhu) will allow consumers to redeem the exclusive Prosperity Bowl set. Keep drinking and good luck. Drink with care!

The exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong sets are also available to be purchased at participating supermarkets during the month of January. With the purchase of three cartons of HEINEKEN Malaysia products – inclusive of one carton of Apple Fox – consumers can own the Tiger Beer Mahjong set for only RM99 while stocks last.

For more information on this promotions, visit These promotions are only open to non-Muslims who are 21 years old and above.


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