A coffee shop that is hidden right behind a row of eater in Pandamaran has this little disguise of misinterpretation with rundown banner like Stall for rent and hiring. With the huge cover up, it do give you the impression that this place is not a coffee shop till you come close . I was recently introduce to Choon Guan Coffee Shop 偆園茶餐室室1956 that is a hidden gem in Pandamaran that serve awesome Hainanese breakfast.

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The place had been running for more than 6 decades starting from 1956 where the business had been handed down to third generation. A place that is well known to all the peeps in this neighborhood. As for now, this classic coffee shop now is run by their grandson and grand daughter with helping hands both on floors and in the kitchen.

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A classic shop is where the place you can still get classic price. Everything is still decently priced.

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At first, I was reluctant to try out their chicken rice as it is too early for me to take rice in such early hours. However the lady boss did persuade to us that it is their signature and we decided to try it out.

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We ordered their classic Kaya Butter Toast @ RM 2 and their signature home made whole meal bread – Kaya & Butter @ RM 2.20.

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Love both the toast as it does gives you the crisp as you need and the whole meal bread that caught me by suprise that, it is another classic combination with their coffee. For their Classic toast, the only set back is the butter is not enough. I wish they are more generous about it.

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I started my classic Hainan Coffee Hot for a start @ RM 1.50. After I am half way through it and realise many table ordering the ice version as it do have the effect of foamy top that seems interesting to me. Made an order too.  @ RM 2. I still like their hot coffee better as the taste is not too thick nor light which is just nice for me.

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As when this classic chicken rice is serve, I am impress that the auntie did her best to make it a rice ball and the aroma of rice is just amazing. Fragrant as those classic chicken rice that I could find in Penang. Chicken is done to perfection where it is shinning as it is suppose to be, meat is soft and a great chicken rice as it should be.. Rice is just perfect where it is fragrant with steam chicken oil, not too dry yet just as to my classic liking. Chili is just nice.

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One new trick I learnt over the weekend, where Klang folks eat their chicken rice with dark soy sauce and I follow suit. Quite interesting though.

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If you are looking to make some take away as I realise alot of customers just came in and make a take away of their homemade kaya and also their whole meal bread. It is readily for us to take away along with their classic pack of Hainanese Coffee which I bought at RM 10.

This place is indeed a hidden gem and certainly a place worth to explore in Pandamaran. Lower down your expectation and you will get to enjoy this place as I do.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Classic Klang Kopitiam!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Choon Guan Coffee Shop
Lorong Amarasegara Pandamaran
42000 Port Klang

Tel: 03-3168 6828

Operating Hours: 8am – 4pm


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