Last weekend when I was back to Penang, my best friend know that I am still looking for local authentic flavour food to hunt for they suddenly over drinks they recommend me this white curry mee, that their parents love it so much saying that the curry mee there reflects back the taste when they were young. Means its like so long ago.

After Google out, found that the owner have been selling this White Curry mee for more than 20 years and no wonder it brings back memory of the taste when they are young.

curry mee (1)

A shop like that you would never know it exist when its park with 2 cars as it will like like residential or some offices with its run down sign board.

curry mee (2)

Right early in the morning, we head out for breakfast and here we are, slightly early enough to beat those upcoming massive crowd from Penang Bridge Marathon.

curry mee (3)

This shop even got featured in a few article and here is one of them . .

curry mee (4)

Price is still very reasonable. . .

curry mee (6)

You have to place your order thru this uncle which is a one man show, as he take order and also cook at the same time. Therefore your patience for your bowl of noodle is need if it runs full house.

curry mee (5)

On the classic bowl of curry mee, you can add on items into it.

curry mee (7)

Not only that, if you want more authentic flavour, they do have it which is right next to the ordering counter which excites me alot!

curry mee (8)

Otak otak which is a must and all these fried items are very traditional Teo Chew Style as my grandma always fried for me during Chinese New Year.

curry mee (9)

 Then you can place more order if you are keen with HamChoi soup and many more. . .

curry mee (10)

My friend ordered their famous Hainanese Chicken or known to locals as Pek Cham Kei, which is totally Recommended. As I do not like chicken breast but this is totally awesome! Its soft, and fragrant with its soy sesame sauce and it was gone within 60 seconds when it was place down. Then we have to order another plate again.

curry mee (11)

Here comes the authentic Classic White Curry Mee which I have never come across or I would say only one or a few one left in this modern era. What is so special to me is that, this is cook plain or the most basic of all that the soup is filled with very mild coconut milk yet fragrant in taste along that the soup with sweet end.

Then only struck into my mind that my auntie used sell this when I was a kid back in Butterworth at her kopitiam as now she is a retiree and no longer selling it.

curry mee (12)

The most amazing ingredient to pair with the classic white curry mee is their chilli paste. Cook in slow fire with several secret ingredient over slow fire to make it thick and the chili oil smells fragrant.

curry mee (13)

I put 2 spoonful of chili into my noodle and my friend said that I am crazy. It totally change the look into fiery curry red and the taste had change too. Spicy end with frangrant mild coconut taste that makes it such a perfect authentic one. Loving it!

curry mee (14)

Otak Otak is good too as at the base of it is filled with a huge piece of fish fillet and the kunyit taste of it is pretty visible and soft . . . I will sure be back again next round when I am back to Penang.

If you are asking me is this authentic enough, I would say yes. Just do bare in mind that the taste of this Curry Mee is very much different compare to the rest where you can get in the island or mainland.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, awesome! recommended if you looking for something authentic -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hot Bowl Nyonya Delight @ Abu Siti Lane
16-A Lorong Abu Siti, 10400 Penang
Open from 8am-3pm
Closed on Monday

Tel: 04-227 3168

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  1. Their curry mee’s decent but i LOVE their deboned chicken! those are some of the best in town that you should really try 🙂

    • admin Reply


      hehe.. have to agree with you on the chicken too . .

  2. I like their curry mee with lots of the chilli paste 🙂 Another one that I like is at Kuantan Road market. It used to be very good but not sure about now as I haven’t had it for a long time now.

    • admin Reply

      ohhh.. cool. Will check that out next round when I back.

      Thanks for recommending .. 🙂

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