It seems that our local dessert scene is gearing up a notch. It it is good that seeing local talents are getting more creative in dessert scene. I am impress with Creme De La Crème, at Uptown Damansara / SS21 (next to Hong Leong Bank) will be the latest addition into the industry. It is also that the pastry chefs are trained directly under Cristy Tania (a famous dessert chef in Melbourne – as I known her through Masterchef Australia in 2015/2016 season) if I remember correctly. She is also hail as one of a dessert queen.

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There’s a total of 18 delightful ice cream flavours. Some of them will be seasonal and some will be a twist of local flavours. From Musang King, Pandan Kaya Toast, Barley Lime, Teh Tarik to Limau Assam Sorbet and more. Each flavour is created using 100% all-natural, fresh and wholesome ingredients.

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Most of the ingredient are prepare from scratch and fresh.

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Their Petits Gateaux are handcrafted and quite a good technical skills there. Therefore you will see layers of elements when you cut through it.

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I am sure this wall will be one of a insta worthy wall.

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Best of all, the ice cream starts from RM 10.90 which is very reasonable.

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For the weekend, I get to do their tasting platter. Very unique combination of flavours. Not only that, as the chef carefully pair the ice cream flavour with its cone base. There are 4 flavours too.

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Madagascar Ash Our answer to a healthy dessert! A low GI treat that’s perfect for those looking for a sugar free option, well-suited for those with diabetes. We use high-quality natural Madagascar vanilla beans and premium bamboo charcoal powder. – one of my favourite.

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Their Petits Gateaux (Ice Cream Cakes) indeed a pretty one. Not and easy task to create such desserts. Looks pretty, but will it taste good? (This is the question we often ask ourselves.) The technicality of it will usually take a few hours to days, depending on the complexity of flavours that they are adding in. I can safely say that, among the 8 ice cream cakes in the display, each of them have at least 5 elements to it.
Price wise – I find it reasonable as it falls in between RM 18 – RM 25

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This would be one of my favourite -Easter is coming soon, hence Bunny @ RM 22, consist a unique mix of coconut, mango, calamansi, pineapple, lemongrass and passionfruit.. Contrasted with a deliciously-crunchy chocolate hazelnut feuilletine base. A nice layer of flavour that did not overlap each other. A bit of fluffy, crips and mild chewy coconut meringue is a nice ending.

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Forest Log @ RM 25  a blend of Miso Caramel and Banana Ice Cream with salted butterscotch sauce. A cake that give me the feeling of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe because of the mushroom. This is one of the most complex flavours combination compare to the rest. By looking at the description you might want to skip it. For me, I am totally impress. The complexity of flavors pairs very well, miso is not too strong, as give you a hint of fragrant saltiness, nice fresh banana flavour which is not too overpowering, yet hint of caramel ending and sweetness from butterscotch is just perfect. The base give you a nice little crips as the end as it needed. A nice build up layers of flavours.

Remark: It is advise to eat this cake last (as pretty strong in flavour) if you start with this then the rest of the cakes flavour will be much tasteless 

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To take nice pictures, believe this will be one of a crowds favourite. Who can resist a Unicorn @ RM 22? For a refreshing one, it is coated with white chocolate, crispy meringues and Madagascar Vanilla ice cream inside. Infused with Lyche and Raspberry sorbet!

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This is not your typical dimsum. It is inspire by chef favourite dish and created into dessert. An Asian inspired flavour (more towards Japanese profile). As you cut open, you can see the layers of ingredient in it. Longevity fills with from green tea sponge cake as the base, black sesame as second layer,  lemon curd as third layer, green tea ice cream as fourth, yuzu compote as fifth and white chocolate as the outer crust as sixth.

Those of you love Japanese flavour profile, you might want to give this a try.

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Instantly when I see this jar, it is definitely Beauty & The Beast inspired @ RM 25. 63% Dark Chocolate and Magadascar Vanilla Ice Cream, morello cherry sorbet, dark choclate crumble, cherry chocolate brownie, almond nibs and dark chocolate dip.

profile: slightly bitter and sour

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Da Bomb @ RM 25. A blend of 63% Dark Chocolate ice cream meets pure creamy Madagascar Vanilla ice cream in just the right balance. Melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut ganache that oozes the right amount of sweet and bitterness. A little mini bombs inside give you a hint of saltiness to tone it down. Love it as your tongue is dance in the rain. -Recommended to chocolate lover. Gonna be chocolate overdoze.

profile : bitter and salty

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Lady Pearl @ RM 22.

A mix of Strawberry and Madagascar Vanilla ice cream combines with Dragon Fruit Strawberry sorbet to bring out the fine flavours it has to offer. Adding some texture into it, a little crunch of crumbles, soft red almond sponge and a passionfruit crémeux. I quite like it cuz of the sour profile.

profile: sour, bitter, sweet salty

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A cone of RM 10.90, I will definitely be back for more.

Going Bananas – Using the ripest of fresh local bananas which are first pureed and made into an ice cream base. We then swirl in homemade salted butterscotch. To create a complementary crunchy texture, candied hand-roasted walnuts and hand-baked dark chocolate crumble are added.

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I am not a fan of chocolate but their WEISS chocolate is a must try. Love the silky Smooth texture and a punch of bitterness in your palate. A chocolate ingredient that not many people use. Cookies and cream, is a whole new level as you can taste some crumbs.

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For such a super hot weather that we are encountering this few months, then Their Unicorn drink is a drink that you should not miss out. A total thirst quencher and very refreshing. Topped with fresh dragon fruit sorbet and a mix mixture of sour profile in it. Love the glass too.

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If you are keen for a take away, then you can opt for it as it is nicely pack up in a jar.

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She is following the footstep of Melbourne dessert trend at the moment, whereby a dessert must have, bitter, sweet, sour and salty. Using quality ingredients and for a 25 years old dessert chef, I am totally impress. Definately top in my list as a must visit for a ice cream cake shop in Kl or Ice cream cake dessert in PJ.

My 3 personal recommended cakes if you love to try:

  1. Bunny
  2. Lady Pearl
  3. Forest Log (for strong adventures palate)
  4. Da Bomb (for chocolate Lover)

The outlet only starts operating for business from 18th March onwards.


Crème De La Crème
CLDC Uptown Damansara
35G, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
(Next to Hong Leong Bank)

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 12am


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