Over MCO or currently CMCO in Malaysia, there are variety of demand in them market. Looking at the statistic itself it is quite fascinating. What I learn among my friends is fresh seafood is one of a high demand segment. Then found this in FB. Chong U Long or known as Culfishery Deliver Fresh Seafood to our door step. Just by placing order through their: wasap.my/60102172172

Did this with Hai di Lao Mala Xiang Guo Sauce ( 海底捞麻辣香锅 火锅底料 ), or stir fry mala dry pot.


Here you go on the seafood that I got. Quite impress with it. Getting seafood online is like a new norm but the quality and freshness of it is there. My white prawns with body and head is all pretty good and solid meat. Clam meat is good too. Best of all is the fish meat. Just like what you got from the market.

FB live seafood

I am also impress with how it is deliver and well pack. Order on Friday came on Saturday in a normal foam box. Pack in a large plastic bag to prevent from the seafood water leaking.

Online seafood

fresh seafood

For the pricing of the seafood, you can watsapp : 60102172172  them direct to find out what’s the price for the day, or check out their facebook. : Culfishery

online fresh seafood delivery

All seafood comes in a vacumm sealed pack. I got 2 x Salmon fish head for curry dishes.


A threadfin fish to be steamed, clams, prawns all for my spicy fried mala dish later on the night.

KL seafood delivery

Squid ring is pretty huge.

  1. Salmon Head – 300g x 2 @ RM 18
  2. Threadfin – 500/1kg @ RM 42
  3. Sea/Ming Prawn -800g @ RM 48
  4. Clams – 500g @ RM 13
  5. Squid Rings – 1kg @ RM 28

*price fluctuates daily. Do call them for the price. 



Here you go on my fresh sea prawns @ RM 48 and clams in the packing.





The white prawn size is at least M and above.


This is what I mean. Look at the fish meat. SO fresh and the skin of the fish is just still perfect.


The clams meat as I soak it with salt water for 30 minutes before cooking.


My menu for the night, with the fresh clams and prawns that I got, cooking it with Hai di lao Spicy Stir Stir Fry Sauce (海底捞 麻辣香锅调味料)

seafood delivery

Result. simple fresh and good for the seafood that I got. If you are in for spicy, put in 2 pack. If beginner, start of with 1 pack of sauce.

Online seafood delivery

If you plan to get some fresh seafood in KL or fresh seafood in PJ,  you can also check out their instagram. @culfishery



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