The packaging of DAEBAK Limited Halloween Edition Ghost Pepper already indeed quite attractive that is available across 7-11. The pack comes with Ghost Pepper Cola Favourite Drink & Spicy Chicken Black Noodle at RM 8.90.

korean spicy instant noodle

Just imagine yourself as drinking cold ghost pepper cola in spicy hot flavour + with the hot noodle along. This is the craziest combo. The cola itself is quite spicy. drink it slowly, if not it is going to choke you. That is where the spiciness will instantly hit you.

ghost pepper cola

ghost pepper

Put in hot water and let it sits for 3 minutes.


The outcome of the noodle is just perfect. Springy and pretty good. The heat will comes after your 2nd or 3rd bite. Thats where your tongue will get spicy and your tears starting to drip. (this is as for me).

The spiciness is different type of spicy that I have never encounter before. If you finish the whole cup, be prepare to enjoy your toilet session next day.


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