Since this is a big hype at the moment and read some comments that this is a very common drink in Korea. Dalgona coffe

Hence this #dalganocoffeechallenge is viral now. Everyone have their own secret recipe and this drink is very easy to make.

watch my youtube video on how to make Dalgano Coffee

Dalgano Coffee (1)

this is like the most hype thing during this MCO lockdown. Everyone is getting creative on their cooking, dessert, coffee and others.

Dalgano Coffee (2)

3 simple ingredient to mix it, with 3 spoonful each.

  1. 3 x spoonful of nescafe (not 3in1) have to be teh bji bji format
  2. 3 x spoonful of sugar
  3. 3 x spoonful of hot/warm water

Dalgano Coffee (3)

Whipped until your hand cramp and patah.  the texture should be smooth and thick (like melted chocolate). Use machine the best!

Dalgano Coffee (4)

Dalgano Coffee (5)

final step – add in  milk as the base – then pour the thick dalgona coffee cream on top. It will float. If your recipe dalgona kopi tenggelam, means ratio or beating process it not right.

Dalgano Coffee (6)

My final product.

Dalgano Coffee (7)

Dalgano Coffee (8)

Thick, creamy, and those of you find that the dalgona coffee could be too sweet, substitute it with brown sugar, and use kau kau coffee powder like Nescafe Classic Dark Roast!

Dalgano Coffee (9)

Enjoy your afternoon tea.



  1. Hi, May I know if I can use stevie instead of sugar for this coffee? Will it become fluffy after mixing? Thank you

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