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Ended up we order alot!

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Harumaki @ 100 bhat – fried till crispy and inside seems like adding on a small slice of cheese in it, then dip with the mayo sauce given will just makes your kick comes in.

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Yaki Gyoza @ 80 bhat, I love gyoza alot as non of the restaurant in Malaysia can cook nice Gyoza which is pan fried on one sided till its golden brown with pan mark on the skin and I must say, this is one of the best so far I have had after I am back from Australia and the sad thing is only available in Bangkok. Dip with vinegar is just perfect, a bit crispy skin and meat is soft. Eat it while its hot.

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As most of us order plain noodle except people like me and Steven order something big. Then Goft recommend its a must have is Kakuni @ 300 bhat (50 bhat each). Huge pork ribs been braised till its super soft on the meat, gentle bite the meat broke into half easily and I normally do not take the fats but this is exceptional!!! nearly melts on your mouth.

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Tamago @ 150 bhat

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The first dish that I come accross very unique is egg served cold. I wonder how they prepare till the egg white to be silky smooth and one big gulp into the mouth is just nice chill feeling and the taste like just went down the throat instantly. certainly a good appetizer I would say.

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 (not sure is this dish is called) Tsumami Memma @ 90 bhat. .

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 something a bit chewy and sourish spicy to start off with

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Well, now let the main star begins  as Kakuni Tonkatsu clear, aromaticc, a bit towards salty soup base is just sooooo goood… @ 240 bhat

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Texture of the ramen is just perfect, not too soft yet a bit chewy that turns out to be a perfect dish. . . .

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Not sure if this dish is called Karanegi Bankara @ 230 bhat another different soup base

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Butamiso (Half) @ 240 bhat

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This is one of my favourite so far, that the taste is quite mild, not so salty then you add on with the squeeze fresh garlic will bring up the taste another level.

Please try your soup before adding on the garlic and please try again and see what is the difference. I think some people might light it, some people just do not.

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After alot of soup base ramen, we decided to try out your dry Kakuni Tsukemen @ 240 bhat

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There were given 2 types of soup base, 1 is miso and another 1 is spicy.

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So having a great dinner must have along Japanese Beer Asahi to pair it very well with the ramen taste.

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After super full meal, we of course must take a picture for memorable moment. . .

I must say, this is by far I agree with Goft that one of the best Ramen shop I have come so far. If those of you that are heading to Bangkok soon or in then near future, please do not miss this shop!!!!  Besides this, also highly recommended by me!

32/1 The Manor,
Sukhumvit 39 Rd,
Bangkok, 10110 , Thailand

Phone: 02-662 51623

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