A mixture of nice food could be found at The Boulevard. One of the place that constantly I see my friend check in and also appears in my Instagram is this Define:Food. It is one of a restaurant that sits at level one that have attracted many diners around the area. Define Food is run by chef Malcolm Goh that had gain his reputation in the industry itself.

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Started off with Classic Mushroom Soup @ RM 18 – Garlic Bread, Truffle oil, Cepes Dust and Mascarpone.

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Deep Fried Duck Rillette @ RM 19 with salted egg dip. This is by far the weirdest taste of dish for the night. Duck meat taste is too gooie and raw for us, as even we dip with salted egg dip could not over power the strange taste of it.

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Caesar Salad @ RM 26

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Truffle Fries @ RM 18. Lack of truffle taste and just tasted like plain fries with some cheddar.

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for starter, this is by far one of the best – Truffled Creamed Mushroom with Garlic toast @ RM 15. Cook to perfection that creaminess is to my liking, however the consistency of it is quite bad as we add on the same order since the first place was good. Second plate came out less creamier, very sweet and there are hit and misses.

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In this restaurant, the dish that I am looking forward the most is this Beef Wellington @ RM 88. Grain fed Tenderloin, puff pastry, intense mushroom duxelle, truffle gravy, Mesclun Salad. Maybe my expectation of this dish is too high as I have watch too much Hell’s Kitchen and Gordan Ramsey where the description of his Beef Wellington and I am seeing is different. Understood that this is our local version of it.

This is indeed a very tricky dish to emulate as I find that the puff pastry is soggy, taste of intese mushroom is slightly salty and truffle gravy is very mild.

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Provencale Seafood Risotto @ RM 48 indeed taste great. Broth that they are cooking with is rich in flavour and cook to perfection. One of the best dish for the night, where it is fragrant with seafood taste. However again, when we were impress with the first dish and place second order, the second plate is off the mark. Their inconsistency is disappointing.

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Salted Egg Duck Pasta @ RM 33 is pretty unique and have its own dimension of taste.

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The safest bed among their spaghetti range is this Wagyu Bolognese @ RM 25. Spaghetti Italian parsley, shaved grana padano. Gravy is not too thick, yet spaghetti is al-dante

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Harissa Spice Rub Lamb Striploin @ RM 58. A great dish which we think did not really fit the bill as with RM 58, you are served with 5 mini slices of lamb. Indeed it is cook to perfection where the meat is seared nicely along with the marination of spice did penetrate through the meat that give it very nice aroma.

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Jarred ‘Kopi Kau’ Tiramisu @ RM 23. I still prefer my classic.

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One of the most impressive dessert is their Bomb Alaska. Smooth cream and technique of pipping is perfect. Torch it to a bit golden brown is the best colour to get.

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The group celebrated our birthday in this place. Thank you everyone.

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Not a bad place to be as there are a lot of hit and misses where they still need alot of improvement to bring a gear up. However it is indeed base on personal preference.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, for such pricing, here is still alot to play with.!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Define Food
Mid Valley Boulevard
29-1,Level 1, Signature Offices,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 1030am-1030pm.

Tel: 016-901-4024

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