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When this dish was served we were all quite suprise as I thought in the menu, it was for a design purposes never did know that it will be as what we seen. The first dish for the night kick off with:


FOIE GRAS CAVIAR – Delicately Presented Goose Liver Served with Crispy French Baguette

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smoked salmon being flaked at the top of the baguatte that had toast perfectly sandwich on the bottown with soft goose liver that I tried to make one big bite of it but failed! The taste is just nice~

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They are just being very generous with SASHIMI (刺身) being served with 3 big slices of it.

SALMON CARPACCIO – Thinly Slice Salmon Sashimi Marinates in Delicious Balsamico Sauce

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OSUIMONO (御吸い物), ASARI POTATO KURIMU SHIRUMouth-watering Soup of Fresh Sea Clams, Asparagus & Potato which is thick in flavour with the potato being blend in the soup that is not too starchy yet filled with mild flavour of asparagus and sea clams.

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With the this great set meal comes with a glass of Down South Wines from Australia, Carbenet Sauvignon.

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Come to the main, we nearly fainted as the portion is getting bigger and bigger.

YAKIMONO (焼き物) TORI NO KARASHI YAKI Scrumptiously Chicken Drum Stick Grilled to Perfection with Flattering Mustard Cream

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One of the most unique desert that I have come across is this SUSHI (寿司) SUSHI CAKEChef Special Concoction of Maguro, Scallop, Fruits, Vegetables & Sushi Rice. Comes along with 3 dipping sauce available for you at the side with egg n vinegar, seaweed and sour plum. For me, I like to mix 3 of them together, some of them just like only the egg vinegar . .  .It just all depends on you, by the time I finish this, I was dead full and was told originally, the size of this is even bigger and they have reduce it!

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Another DESSERT (デザ一ト) to go after is ‘Epitome of Dessert A Delightful Dessert of Mixed Fruit Jelly with Japanese Almond Tofu’

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Something refreshing and light in taste to make it a perfect ending.

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heheh, the wonderfull group of people that host us that make the fun and laughter through out the night and also being very generous to all of us. You guys really rockzzz, Meon, Andy and Debbie. . Hehe, wish you guys Early Merry Christmas for being Santa to all of us. 😀

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with a bottle of Sakae floowing for us for the night and I love this taste, mild in taste, smooth at the end of the shotz and just by gulping a few shots, the effect is there already.

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and another bottle to try out for us is Shelly Beach – Cabernet Merlot as not my preference which is a bit spicy and dry in taste, as I prefer dry wine. Indeed it was a great night, and Feeq, thanks for tagging me along. . .

The price for  RM128++ per person definately worth the package for the portion size being served comes with a glass of wine.

Available from 1st December – 26th December 2010
Prior Reservation is required.

Available outlets:

Kin Shui Tei Japanese Fine Dining@Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
03-7804 2079/ 03-7804 8888 ext 315

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya33
03-7956 2330

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant @ Menara Hap Seng

03-2141 6332

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