Online food delivery is the next new modern trend as more and more F&B players are hopping into this area. Along with our modern and busy society, constantly we are opting for the fastest option to get our meal fix. The Steam Room KL is one of a new player in the market that offers quite a decent home cook food that will bring to your door step with starting price from RM 7.90.

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Starting off with soup as their core business that offers Double boil soup easily available to all of us at a price at only RM 9.90 serve with plain rice that turns out too good to be true. However that is the fact where The Steam room KL is putting in a lot of efford in pushing their best limits to all of us. “a good bowl of soup is soothing, healing, and delightful to your taste buds” is certainly a good bowl to have during lunch break.

Double boiled soups @ RM 9.90:

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We place order for a few soups as I know my team love simple meals.

  1. ABC soup with carrot, tomato, potato, and onion
  2. Watercress, made with chicken broth
  3. White radish and carrot
  4. Herbal chicken soup with yuk choy, dong guai, dong sum and wolfberry; and lotus root and peanut.

Others not in the list: old cucumber and red date, double boiled corn soup

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All soup are good as I finish up two bowls and my personal favourite is their Herbal Chicken Soup that gives you quite strong taste of the herbs and a nice hint of saltiness that extract the flavour from “yong sam sou” that is to cool down your body. Besides that, Watercress is also good where watercress taste is pretty strong and flavour is to my liking. clear enough that have the body and taste which is not too salty.

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This was my rice set before I was rob.  Japanese Beancurd in Mushroom Sauce @ RM 7.90 – Crispy beancurd served with our aromatic mushroom sauce. One of my combination that I pair it with Watercress because of the flavour match perfectly. Then my colleague took my set as they said is for diet. Oh well.

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This is something new to me as I am used to have this in POrk version, as the team make it into Steam Salted Chicken Meat Patty @ 7.90. Marinated chicken minced meat scented with ginger and salted egg. Love the saltiness of chicken meat patty that you definately have to crush the meat and mix it well in that container to have an even flavour in every bite.

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Some flavour on your palate then Chicken with Dry Chilli and Salted Fish is a very intresting combination. Never thought this two ingredient would blend. A hint of spiciness and nice aroma of salted fish that gives you a nice back salty taste is what I need. An Egg in there is a perfect add on. @ RM 7.90

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If you are looking for something very simple is this Chicken Cube with Mix Vegetable @ RM 7.90. A chicken dish cooked in an egg wash gravy with different vegetables.

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Braised Chicken with Mushroom @ RM 7.90. Braised juicy and tender chicken scented in ginger cinnamon and star anise broth till perfection. It is complemented with a bowl of hot steamed rice!

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I did add an add on as I worried we do not have enough food. Braised Chicken is Slow cooked chicken in an aromatic broth of ginger and chilli. It is not too salty yet not too blend. Just nice for me.

As for pricing of The Steam Room Kl, I totally do not have doubt over them as they are considered one of the cheapest that I come across and their rice is generous in portion. Some of their food you might find it lack of taste from my team but I find it good enough as they only add in minimal salt and NO MSG. Therefore it is a good food option for me when I am busy.

To place an ordeR: or for more information.

Delivery Fee is ranging from RM 5 – Rm 20 depending on location.

Do Type: “taufulou10” before you check out to enjoy 10% disc. 


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