delucca (12)

Their usual will start of with bread that dip with vinegar and olive oil. . .

delucca (13)

Then here comes our first dish for starter Nashi Pear Gorgonzola RM29. Crumbled Gorgonzola cheese with watercress, Nashi Pear, roasted walnuts, dressed in a honey mustard vinaigrette.

Some of you might not like the smell and taste of it as the cheese smell is quite strong, as once you mix it up everything the salad turns out to be good, as all the taste blend in just perfect.

delucca (14)

Another salad I am impress is Bluefin Tuna “CRUDO”  @ RM30, Bluefin Tuna, watercress and Cannellini bean salad dressed in lemon vinaigrette and oregano. Something simple to start off with, that get to taste the freshness of the tuna that followed by the after mild taste of the salad dressing.

delucca (15)

Another nice combo with touch of Italian sausage which is homemade, Grilled Native Pier Squid @ RM28 with Spicy Italian sausage with arugula leaves, fingerling potatoes drenched in Limoncello dressing. The sausage might look’s plain, once put into your mouth and one bite the sausage burst with flavours with grill taste, a bit sourish with the dressing and fresh taste from the squid.

Although I am not a really big fan of salad, after trying out, turns out to be quite impressive. . .

delucca (16)

Tagliatelle Seafood filled with fresh Tagliatelle pasta cooked in Marinara sauce with smoked garlic, white wine, fresh chillies and basils. Texture of the tagliatelle is a bit springy solid and mild sourish sauce that just combines well. RM39

delucca (17)

Delucca’s very own recipe of pizza baked with Mozzarella, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, beef salami, artichokes and Gorgonzola cheese, Delucca Special Pizza @ RM42 

delucca (18)

Star of the night is I love this pizza, as it is prepared in a very unique base as the base crust of the thin pizza is a bit more like biscuits texture which is crispy on every bites instead of very soft bread style, yet the based is not oily as we usually find it. The amount of cheeze and ingredient added on is generous. – Recommended~

delucca (19)

Free-Range Spring Chicken AL Mattone is spring chicken cooked the ancient way – Al Matonne – with a brick to weigh it down and make it crispy accompanied by rosemary roasted potatoes, mushroom ragu, panzanella salad and marsala thyme sauce @ RM 45

delucca (20)

 Usually my Italian dinner dining will surely end up with a coffee and a desert that must not miss. . . Mocha

delucca (21)

Serving at the price of RM20, the portion of Tiramisu is sure huge that have a bit of apple taste and love the mascarpone which is creamy and rich.

Its quite a nice place to eat and dine with the quality of fod they are serving and the services here good even though there are quite many foreigners worked in the restaurant find that they had went through a good training. . .

*Pork Free

Delucca, The Italian Restaurant (Pork-Free)
One Residency
Office Tower (Tower C)
No. 1 Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari

Tel: 03 2144 6545
Fax: 03 2144 6532

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