In the digital edge, one of the platform it seems big for many online influencer is this Digi WWWOW Awards. Its a yearly event and and this year they are back with their signature concept, which is looking for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater.


You spent countless hours in running your own online business, blog or any simple thing that you will do to share the info through your friends and influence them that eventually you are part of the chain, where you find it good and decided to grow it bigger.

A start up is always not easy, however you need to start some where. As for me, I was regard by a few of my friends as social influencer of my food and travel blog, to some of my friends and business owners. It all started with passion and till date it is still with passion in helping our local F&B business to create awareness and grow.


Who are Digi looking for. Constantly they are on looking for individuals whom are a dream chaser, a savvy startup owner or a charity-sharing soul who owns online business, online project, or any online work of art, then you certainly would want to check out Digi WWWOW Awards.


If you are one of the above, quickly move your curser to click here


Follow with details below:

Part 1: SUBMIT and NOMINATE from 14th Sept – 12th Oct 2015.

Part 2: VOTE your favourite entries or be voted! Judging process will be held in an open setting, available for public viewing from 13th Oct – 12th Nov2015. You can also choose your favourite submission with the WWWOW People’s Choice award. Cast your vote from 19th Oct – 30th Oct 2015.

Part 3: AWARDS NIGHT! Celebrate with the winners of Digi WWWOW Awards 2015 and checkout which idea makes the cut on 20th Nov 2015!



there are a few categories for you to choose upon your submission. So which are you? I am Social Influencer.

At the end of the day, each category winner will get RM10,00 cash and they will have the opportunity to spend the day with industry experts like TMT (The Ming Thing), Mob Me Asia, Sizmek, KFIT,  Zalora and more, to take their products and services to the next level.

It would be fun to see how far internet can bring you too.


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