Fancy of some interesting food over dim sum breakfast/brunch? Tai Tong Group is launching their new seasonal menu from 1st Aug – 31st Oct known as Black Temptations that will feature four of their signature in this menu.

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Pan Seared Dumpling with Fish Paste and Cheese @ RM 9.80. A great mixture of taste of some saltiness of cheese and fish paste is pretty bouncy.



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Glutinous Dumpling with sesame paste will be one of a dish that is easy  to consume for ending. Super soft skin yet not too thick as a mild cut over it and you can find the pippin hot sesame sauce if flowing out just like volcano lava. Thick and aromatic in taste. @ RM 6.80

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This will be the hidden treasure of all or many Malaysians will be very curious over the taste and hunt it down. Charcoal bun with Durian and Salted Egg. YES, with salted egg. With many other diners expression I believe 95% have the same reaction. It is not milky or sauce which is thick like the usual custard bun which we believe is the texture of durian that unable to deliver that.

Its a very unique combination when they make it with fresh durian flesh and add on salted egg yolk then steam on it. Pretty strong with durian taste yet with a hint of ending salted egg yolk. @ RM 9.80

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Jelly for kids? oh well, this you might want to take slight cautions as coffee taste its pretty strong in this silky smooth jelly. @ RM 5.80

If you do visit any of Tai Tong Group restaurant over this period, do check their durian and black seasame dumplings.


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