Constantly I am here for my favourite bowl of Pippin hot Ah Tee Pan Mee and always curious on this shop EaThai Food which is just operating next to them. Till we decided to give them a try and found out that the chef is actually from Thailand and they are running Thai Food Dai Chow street style.

Eat Thai Food (1)

Eat Thai Food (2)

Menu is decent enough and we start ordering what our usual should be.

Eat Thai Food (3)

creamy Red curry is serve in a steam boat wok version where it is creamy enough yet curry is very flavourful and meat is cook to perfection. Indeed a perfect combination with a bowl of rice.

Eat Thai Food (4)

Next is of course Tom Yum seafood. Love the well balance of spicy, lime fresh sour end with little fragrant of seafood sweet taste. 

Eat Thai Food (5)

Thai Sausage balls do give you the street style of version where it is chewy, fragrant and cracking with its skin that give you the burst flavour.

Eat Thai Food (6)

Grill lamb is another dish not to be miss where it is well marinated and dip with chef special chili sauce will make you sweat instantly. 

Eat Thai Food (7)

Grilled squid is just normal

Eat Thai Food (8)

Fried Kang Kung that gives you the thai version where it is deep fried, till it is crispy. Great snacks if you have a bottle of Singha next to you, where the catch is another special sauce by the chef.

Eat Thai Food (9)

Eat Thai Food (10)

We ordered a fish which is catch of they day, that is similiar with our sweet and sour sauce but it is Thai version. Fried with chili, lots of fine chopped onions that gives you hint of sourness, and little spicy taste at the end. 

This place is actually not bad if you are looking for Thai Dai Chow in KL. When we were there, quite number of Thai dinners are in there. 

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, decent Thai Dai Chow street style ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

EaThai Food
Jalan Klang Lama
(right next to Scots Garden)
direction from (Puchong towards Mid Valley Direction)

Operating Hours: 6pm till late


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  1. Thank you too much for the great recipe! Cooked it tonight and it is simply too much good. I also my favorite Japanese food. I think Koi restaurant Bangkok is the best Japanese food restaurant in Bangkok.

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